Have you been wondering about the safest color scheme for your walls? Turquoise would be a highly advisable option in this case. Considered to be among the most exotic colors, it is also one of the few colors that look good in all its shades. Turquoise can be both bold and smoothening and be adapted to a wide variety of ambiances, styles and aesthetics. Let’s look at a few examples that will help us get a better idea about turquoise.

Contemporary Turquoise Living Room

Contemporary Turquoise Living Room vanessafaivre.com

Turquoise can act as an excellent contrast to a rather lighter themed room. Painting one of your walls in smooth and saturated turquoise will add a personality to the décor. You might even achieve a sense of spaciousness if your room is of a smaller size.

Brown and Turquoise Living Room

Brown and Turquoise Living Room

elizabethswartzinteriors.comNow, this is really classy. If you have a rustic themed living room interiors, turquoise can be an exciting contrast. As shown in this example, the turquoise colored furniture makes the room look really classy. Without it, the décor might have looked monotonous and boring. You can also see Vintage Living Room Designs

Turquoise Beach Living Room

Turquoise Beach Living Room dinabennettinteriors.com

There’s no color that better represents a beach life than turquoise. Using a combination of turquoise and sand grain texture, you can create an exciting environment. Further, you might want to add some decals and pieces of souvenirs that speak of a beach.

Country Style Turquoise Living Room

Country Style Turquoise Living Room anthonybaratta.com

Turquoise can also be classy and airy. If you have a country styled living room, putting in turquoise on the walls will make the décor feel even classier. As seen in this example, this would be a living room that integrated turquoise in everything but it doesn’t look monotonous.

Grey and Turquoise Living Room

Grey and Turquoise Living Room http://www.houzz.com/photos/82005/Bergen-Street-Residence-transitional-living-room-new-york

This is yet another classy combination of colors for your living room. As seen in this example, the metallic grey stands representative to an ultra modern living room design scheme. Turquoise furniture placed in this living room highlights the seating area and one would feel really comfortable herein. You can also see Yellow Living Room Designs

Turquoise Accent Wall Living Room

Turquoise Accent Wall Living Room katicurtisdesign.com

In this case, the living room integrates various shades of turquoise to arrive at a classy combination. While lighter shade walls makes the room feels fresh and airy, the deeper turquoise furniture, including the cabinets and the sofa, bring in the right balance in contrast and make the ambiance well placed.

Turquoise Living Room Furniture

Turquoise Living Room Furniture gacekdesign.com

Turquoise, as we already discussed, looks cool and classy with both modern and traditional décor. In this living room, various shades of turquoise have been integrated to create an interesting and well balanced contrast in colors.

Transitional Turquoise Living Room

Transitional Turquoise Living Room kbwinteriors.com

For transitional homes that seek to achieve a monotony of colors, turquoise can again be an exciting choice. In this example, even the painting on the wall follows a turquoise theme and becomes a gorgeous addition to the décor. The only contrast is the gray colored sofa placed in the center of the room, but it gets ignored in the riot of turquoise.

Modern Turquoise Living Room

Modern Turquoise Living RoomDesign by : WIZDEC INTERIORS LTD

Now, this is another classic and colorful example of a turquoise living room. A beautiful choice to patterns and textures, turquoise forms the highlight of the décor but isn’t too intrusive either.

Eclectic Turquoise Living Room

Eclectic Turquoise Living Room Design by : Daleet Spector Design

In this living room, turquoise has again been used in various shaded to make it the only color to be integrated into the room. The layout and the lighting make all the difference here and create a cool ambiance to work and talk in.

Wall Decor Turquoise Living Room

Wall Decor Turquoise Living Room Design by : Shannon Malone

Color Turquoise Living Room

Color Turquoise Living Room interiordesiresuk.com

Turquoise Living Room Wall Mirror Idea

Turquoise Living Room Wall Mirror Idea Design by : CR Laine Furniture

Decorative Turquoise Living Room

Decorative Turquoise Living Room fedorovaekaterina.com

Turquoise Coral Living Room

Turquoise Coral Living Room Design by : Denver Parade of Homes

Amazing Turquoise Living Room

Amazing Turquoise Living Room companyc.com

Green Rug Turquoise Living Room

Green Rug Turquoise Living Room Design by : Rachel Kay

Small Turquoise Living Room

Small Turquoise Living Room Design by : Molly Kann-Carey

If you have been looking for a contemporary living room décor idea, turquoise would be the most common advice from interior designs. Now that you know the flexibility of the color and the combinations it can be put into, it would be easier to work ahead.

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