If you like a lavish new look of your living room, selecting stylish storage cabinets is important. The living room is one of the areas you spend considerable amount of time, entertain your visitors and gather with your family and friends. Therefore, the design of storage cabinets you go for should be done in such a way that it befits your room’s decor.

With appropriate storage cabinets, your stuff including books, magazines, newspapers, kid’s toys and dolls can be stored easily. This leaves your living room neat and organized instead of having the items scattered all over the room

Living Room With Modern Storage Cabinets

living room with modern storage cabinets

Photo By: Ray Strawbridge

Living Room a Floating Cabinets

living room a floating cabinets

Photo by Fraley and Company

Contemporary Family Room With Built-In Cabinets

contemporary family room with built in cabinets

Photo By: Courtney Lively Photography

Storage cabinets for living rooms come in all sorts of designs, shapes, colors and sizes. The size and placement of your cabinets in the living room should be in such a way that the room still remains capacious enough. While living room storage cabinets can come in different materials, wood is very popular for living room designs.

Eclectic Living Area with Compact Cabinets

eclectic living area with compact cabinets

Photo By: Ray Strawbridge

Transitional White Living Room With Built-In Storage

transitional white living room with built in storage


Coastal Living Room With Large Built-in Cabinets

coastal living room with large built in cabinets

Photo By: Courtney Lively Photography

Custom White Cabinets Anchor Modern Living Space

custom white cabinets anchor modern living space


Living Room With Industrial Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

living room with industrial reclaimed wood cabinets

Photo By: Laure Joliet

Neutral Living Room with Glass Front Cabinet

neutral living room with glass front cabinet

Photo By: Cynthia Lynn Photography

Gray and White Transitional Living Room Ceiling Cabinets

gray and white transitional living room ceiling cabinets

Photo By: Cory Holland

Contemporary Living Room With Built-in Cabinets Coordinate

contemporary living room with built in cabinets coordinate

Photo By: Tre Dunham

Contemporary Living Room With Built-In Storage

contemporary living room with built in storage

Photo By: Insite Architectural photography

Living Room With Closed Cabinets and Open Shelves

living room with closed cabinets and open shelves

Photo By: 2id Interiors

White Living Room with Modern Bookshelf With Cabinets

white living room with modern bookshelf with cabinets

Photo by David

Yellow Transitional Living Room With Small Media Cabinet

yellow transitional living room with small media cabinet

Photo by Nancy Snyder

Modern Living Room With Storage Cabinets

modern living room with storage cabinets

Photo By: ZeroEnergy Design

Built in Cabinets with Bright Family Room

built in cabinets with bright family room

Photo By: janis nicolay

Glass Front Cabinets In Cottage Living Room

glass front cabinets in cottage living room

Photo By: Hewitt/Garrison Photographers

Transitional Living Room Features Storage Cabinets

transitional living room features storage cabinets

Photo By: Susan Gilmore Photography

Neutral Living Room With Wooden Cabinet

neutral living room with wooden cabinet

Photo By: Cherie Cordellos Photography

Simple Living Room With Wooden Built-in Cabinets

simple living room with wooden built in cabinets


Storage cabinets designed with lockable doors are good for keeping your valuable items safe. Cabinets with drawers offer excellent storage areas for your stuff too. All these designs come in assorted colors from which you can select according to the theme of your room and entire home.

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