Remodeling your home and trying to find the best ways to add in a loft living room? Several homes that are crunched for enough space search for a loft space to integrate in their living room. Well, this needn’t be a space that is an alternative to a standard living room. Here are some inspirational ideas that can very well transform the living room space into a unique environment. Each one offers a fresh alternative that you got to see!

Loft Space Idea

loft space idea

This could very well be a home that will meet your neighbors halfway! Many have taken to the idea of integrating a loft to create a unique space for small social gatherings. The advantage is that you get a more private space, well separated but equally connected to the rest of the house. This is perfect for young homeowners.

Loft Living Furniture Design

loft living furniture design

When you have taken to the loft to create your living room space, the furniture too needs to be equally expressive. In this case, the homeowner has been able to integrate a fully fledged living room layout with all necessary furniture, wall décor and more. However, you might also want to keep the furniture minimal when in crunch for space. You can also see Vintage Living Room Designs

Loft storage Idea

loft storage idea

When your loft is being used as a fully functional living space, you will also need to worry about storage. Adding cabinets and wardrobes will unnecessarily take up extra space that could have been used to laze around. Well, you can always look up to cabinetry that is inlaid in the walls itself. If you are adding tables to the floor, make sure they come with enough desk space.

Living Room Loft Stairs

living room loft stairs

A stair way to your loft living room right in the entry of the household not only looks enchanting but also acts as a space saving functional design to connect both spaces. When it comes to stairs, you can choose among a variety of structures, right from circular wooden ones to floating steps!

Living Room Small Lamps

living room small lamps

Lighting is among the most crucial part of making a living room functional. A corner installation, like in this case not only looks unique but also creates a warm ambiance. You can always have ceiling fixtures for better illumination, but with this switched on, you have a perfect ambiance for a night of fun and party! You can also see Small Living Room Furniture Designs

Small Loft Living Room

small loft living room

Howsoever big or small be your loft space, you can always choose to bring in a fully functional living room environment. Just make sure you plan the perfect furnishing layout and have adequate lighting to make the space look fuller.

Loft Interior Design

loft interior design

Depending upon your taste of living, you can keep the living room space minimalistic or make it exotic and fun with a lot of décor and unique installations. The use of different kind of materials and sticking to a theme works well to create a balanced ambiance.

Industrial Loft Living Room

industrial loft living room

If you like to bring your work home or are involved in some kind of artistic project, the loft area can act both as a living room and a workhouse. In this case, the area has got an interesting industrial setup with bars making the ceiling and a lot of pillars and poles to act as functional installations. The overall look of the space however looks neat and well done.

Living Room Loft Sofa Design

living room loft sofa design

Sofas are supposed to be the main highlights of a living room. Now when you take the conversation to the loft, the sofa design too should adapt to the environment. Basically, you should have a comfortable couch and enough space to move around.

Urban Loft Living Room

urban loft living room

With urban properties experiencing a crunch for ling space, designing the perfect loft living room takes creativity and research. This example should adequately meet your purposes.

White Loft Living Room Sofa

industrial urban loft living room

Loft Living Room With Chandelier

loft living room with chandelier

White Loft Living Room Interior Design

outer view loft living room interior design

Loft Living Room Wall Art

loft living room wall art

Loft Living Room Furniture

white living room with small flower pot

Living Room with Fireplace Idea

living room with fireplace idea

Beach Style Loft Living Room Idea

beach style loft living room idea

Living Room Loft Wooden Stairs

loft stairs living room with carpet

Loft Living Room with White Carpet

loft living room with wood floor

Loft Wood Living Room Idea

loft wood living room idea

Small or big, a living room should be cozy, comfortable, well lit and inviting. Hope you have loved the ideas above. We would also like to see what you have been doing with your loft space!

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