Living room is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms of your house. In fact, it is the main hub of the house which represents the rest of the rooms as well. Wall art can be included in the living room to enhance its appearance and add depth and intensity. Buddha wall art and music wall art are some of the prominent designs that are incorporated in living rooms. Let’s have a look at some of the living room ideas as follows:

Living Room Wall Decor

living room wall art1

This living room wall has a canvas wall art which has been segregated in three different frames. On the other side of the wall is another wall art design which is a sketch of a boy. It represents the mid century culture. To complement the wall art is the blue colored rug placed in the center alongside comfortable sofas.

Large Living Room Wall Art

large living room wall art

This beautiful living room which is pretty large and spacious contains an oversized wall art in beige color. This is an urban style house which also features rustic décor in dark colored sofas, coffee table and so on. It complements extremely well with the rest of the décor of the room.

Large Metal Wall Art

large metal wall art

Design by : Interiors by Myriam, LLC

This room contains several types of wall arts in a room. It has a lovely combination of beige and brown that makes the art even more intense. It has metal wall art that complements well with the entire décor of the room including the rug.

Living Room Wall Mural

living room wall mural

This living room wall contains natural scenic wall art which gives the feel of nature. Next to the living room is a twin mattress sofa in white complementing the entire look of the room. This eclectic living room wall mural is a very unique one.

Garden Wall Art Decor

garden wall art decor

This garden wall art décor is exotic and has a fresh green touch inside the living room. The planting alongside the leather couches in black is exquisite and can give the feel of a mini landscape within the living room. You can also see Living Room Wall Color Designs

Living Room Wall Hanging

living room wall hanging

Design by :Mead Design

This living room with a wall hanging is a nice décor idea that can be incorporated inside the house. The room has a white and black color scheme with dark grey colored sofas, a wall mounted TV and an animal print carpet in white. The curtains are hung next to the glass enclosed doors.

Inspirational Wall Art

inspirational wall art

This white and black wall art in a contemporary hall way is very inspirational and represents the sea wave art in black and white. This living room also has special featured white wall tiles on one side of the room where in wall frames are also placed with the same theme.

 Modern Living Room Wall Art

modern living room wall art

This modern living room has a colorful wall art in spiral design. The design is not large but it is very effective. The color of the sofas is chocolate brown and it has hard wood beige flooring and center rectangular shaped coffee table to flatter the décor of the room.

Abstract Wall Decal

abstract wall decal

Design by : Statements2000

This gorgeous wall art has a dark blue wall with dots in colors like beige and white. This little room is perfect for the kids which also feature a small cot for the babies to sleep. It has a white and blue printed large rug that matches with the wall art.

Best Wall Garden Living Room

best wall garden living room

Living Room Gallery Wall

living room gallery wall

Design by : Slater Interiors LLC

Colorful Glass Design Wall Art

colorful glass design wall art

Scenic Living Room Wall Art Design

outer view living room with best wall art

Best Wall Mural Living Room

best wall mural living room

Unique Modern Wall Art Living Room

unique modern wall art living room

Interior Living Room Wall Art

best interior living room wall art1

Abstract Living Room Wall Mural

living room with abstract wall

Living Room Flower Wall Art

outer view living room wall art

Design by : NLdesign

Loft Living Room Wall Art

loft living room wall art

Living room wall art is one of the most effective ways to enhance the appearance of the living room. It further adds artistic element in the living room of a house. You could draw inspiration from the above living room wall art ideas and implement them in yours.

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