Are you a traveler? Do you like the idea of going to places around the world? Well, why don’t you bring the world inside your house too? There are so many map wall art designs to choose from, that will help you decorate your space and turn it into a cosmopolitan home. Here we are going to show you 10 unique ideas that you can use a map as a wall art.

World Map Poster Idea

world map poster idea

A world map poster for your living room will give an international kind of feeling to your wall. Choose a map wall art piece in the colors of the rest of the room to make it look both unique but part of the room.

Vintage Map Wallpaper

vintage map wallpaper

The detailing of this map makes it a total eye catcher. You need to keep the décor of the room to the bare minimum in order to avoid making it confusing to your senses.

Abstract World Map Wall Decor

abstract world map wall decor

You can bring your kid’s play room to a whole other level, by adding a world map on a wall. The bright colors will get their attention and it can turn play time into a learning experience. You may also See Office Wall Art Designs

Retro Map Wall Art

retro map wall art idea

A large world map wall art is going to add character in a simple room. You can keep the color of the map in neutral shades that will rest the eye every time you look at it.

Diy Map Wall Art Design

diy map wall art design

You can also make your own map wall art. You can find websites that have the outlines of each country. You can print them in sticker paper and just arrange it on your wall making your own map.

Map Wall Mural Design

map wall mural design

If you want to give an extra boost on your eclectic dining room just add a mural design of a world map. As a background feature it will compliment your taste and the feeling of the room.

City Map Wall Art Idea

city map wall art idea

In this modern kitchen the city’s map as wallpaper is the perfect match for the décor. The fact that it goes all the way up to the ceiling, makes the room look taller.

Bedroom Map Wall Decor

bedroom map wall decor

Design by : MDSX Contractors Ltd

For your kid’s bedroom you can choose a colorful large world map art. The colors will give something for the kid to look at as well as to think too. You may also See Kitchen Wall Art Designs

World Map Wall Design

world map wall sticker

If you want to create a simple but classic theme for your bedroom you can use a grey world map wallpaper. Like this guestroom, the map blends with the Mediterranean character in both color and size.

Interior Map Wall Design

interior map wall design

To create an antithesis in your bedroom, you can use a wall paper of the world map in a dark coloring theme.

Children Room Wall Map Design

childrens room wall map design

Design by : Grace Home Design, Inc.

Bedroom World Wall Map Idea

bedroom world wall map idea

Blue Map Wall Design

blue map wallpaper

The design of each map plays an important role for the way you should use it. Some have extreme detailing and colors and others have just the outlining of a country or a continent. You can change it up according to your location like if live in the US then you can use a US map wall art. You can choose the colors of your choice, the style and the size depending on the surface you want to cover.

White World Map Wall Design

white world map wall design

Office With Blue Map Wall Poster

office with blue map wall poster

Kids Playroom Map Wall Design

kids playroom map wall design

Kids Wall Map Design

kids wall map design

You can always experiment with map wall art. Whether you buy them or make them on your own, it’s a unique way to decorate an empty wall or to accessorize a room. It will give you the air of an experienced traveler that likes to think outside of the box.

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