Cheetah is known as the fastest animal. The animal is so graceful and elegant and walks with so much pride that we couldn’t help but look for people who would get this amazing animal tattooed on themselves. There are big and small tattoos so if you are looking for something then you are ought to find an amazing tattoo right here.

Bow With Cheetah Print Tattoo

bow with cheetah print tattoo


For all those who thought cheetah tattoo could be only the face of a cheetah, you are wrong. This is the cutest bow with the cheetah print on it. Cheetah prints have always looked wild and eccentric and this, ladies, is a perfect combination of wild and cute. You may also see Star Tattoos Designs

Cheetah Print Tattoo on Thigh

cheetah print tattoo on thigh


These stripes which look like a cheetah has scratched you has cheetah print in it. This is very innovative and done perfectly to fit the exact cheetah print tattoo design.

Cat Cheetah Print Tattoo

cat cheetah print tattoo


The cute little cat has the cheetah print in it and makes it look so different and nice. It is a small design and we recommend this to anyone who loves to keep simple and small.

Cheetah Print Sleeve Tattoo

cheetah print sleeve tattoo


This has the cheetah trademarks all over the arm and one cute little butterfly in the middle. The spread is all over and is distributed uniformly to make it look like a cluttered bunch.

Cheetah Print Tattoo on Shoulder

cheetah print tattoo on shoulder


This is small compared to what we saw earlier. The cheetah print design is only on the shoulder cap and makes it look small, simple and nice. The color combination and shading are perfect and blend in well.

Cheetah Print Tattoo with Flowers

cheetah print tattoo with flowers


The gorgeous flowers are surrounded by the cheetah prints. This design is to make sure the flowers and the cheetah print infuse in perfectly and they do. They make it look very contrasting and visually appealing.

Cheetah Print Star Tattoo

cheetah print star tattoo


The star is filled with cheetah print and unlike the others, this is kept minimalistic and is in black. The black is cute and the overall design is nice. The black makes it look like a very realistic tattoo.

Cheetah Print Tattoo on Ankle

cheetah print tattoo on ankle


If you are looking for a tattoo on your ankle this will fit in well. The black and the little shading make it look very unique. It can also look like paw prints if you want it to. If you love the wilderness then this is a good tattoo to get.

Cheetah Print Tattoo on Foot

cheetah print tattoo on foot


A tattoo on the foot, now that is something different. There are cheetah prints on the foot, in the perfect color and shape. The flower just makes it more visually appealing.

Cheetah Print Foot Tattoo

cheetah print foot tattoo


Purple and Black Cheetah Print Tattoo

purple and black cheetah print tattoo


Flower Cheetah Print Tattoo for Women

flower cheetah print tattoo for women


Cheetah Print Skull Tattoo

cheetah print skull tattoo


Cheetah Print Neck Tattoo

cheetah print neck tattoo


Cute Cheetah Print Tattoo Design

cute cheetah print tattoo design


Cheetah Print Back Tattoo for Women

cheetah print back tattoo for women


Unique Cheetah Print Tattoo

unique cheetah print tattoo


Creative Cheetah Print Tattoo Design

creative cheetah print tattoo design


These were 20 amazing cheetah print designs. We have seen cheetah print clothing and shoes and here are the tattoos. The tattoos are not too loud or eccentric. They are simple with simple coloring on it and make them look nice. There are the bigger designs also where your entire arms are covered but you have smaller options as well that you could flaunt gracefully.

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