Feather tattoo designs are so popular with all genders because they represent flight. Depending on which bird the feather is from, it depicts symbolic meanings such as freedom, intellectual, loss, rebirth and the link between heaven and earth. It is also sought after due to its connection with various cultures, fine line, intense shading and ability to fit on any body part. Whatever bird you prefer, in this list there is a feather tattoo design perfect for you.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Designs

Peacock feather designs have different arrays of colors making them a favorite to many women. Because they are more beautiful compared to other feathers and have eye patterns, they make attractive design that easily stands out. A peacock feather tattoo depicts a pure soul free from corruption.

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Wrist

peacock feather tattoo on wrist


Peacock Feather Tattoo for Neck

peacock feather tattoo for neck


Sleeve Peacock Feather Tattoo

sleeve peacock feather tattoo


Eagle Feather Tattoo Designs

Eagle feather tattoo are unisex. However, they depict powerful traits such as strength, courage, leadership and guardianship which portray masculine traits. Since eagles fly higher than any other birds, its feather tattoo design is a symbol of a skilled hunter. With these design, you can incorporate other elements to make your feather tattoo unique.

Eagle Feather Tattoo on Hand

eagle feather tattoo on hand


Eagle Feather with Arrow Tattoo

eagle feather with arrow tattoo


Eagle Feather with Skull Tattoo

eagle feather with skull tattoo


Ankle Feather Tattoo Designs

What’s to love about feather tattoo designs is that they can be inked on any body part including the ankles. You can opt for a simple black or brown feather design or combine it with words to personalize your tattoo. When combining with other elements ensure the feather tattoo is the center of attraction.

Ankle Band Feather Tattoo

ankle band feather tattoo


White Feather Tattoo Designs

White is a color associated with purity hence getting a feather tattoo in this color will totally depict uncorrupted soul. You can either opt to draw the feather using thin black lines and add white shadings or use white ink instead. White feather tattoo will look amazing on all skin tones.

Simple White Feather Tattoo

simple white feather tattoo


Tribal Feather Tattoo Designs

Both men and women go for tribal feather tattoo designs because of its relations with different cultures such as Polynesian, Hawaiian, Celtic, Indian and Egyptian. So if you need to represent your heritage, then tribal feather tattoo designs with dark and bold line shadings are ideal for you.

Black and Gray Tribal Feather Tattoo

black and gray tribal feather tattoo


Heart Feather Tattoo Designs

Women go for tattoos that relate to their emotions so instead of a simple feather design why not go for heart feather tattoo designs. Apart from looking cute, they also express your loving personality. You can add a simple yet stunning love symbol on your feather or join two feathers to form a heart shape.

Black and White Heart Feather Tattoo

black and white heart feather tattoo


Owl Feather Tattoo Designs

If you love owls because of the silent flight mode which enables them to fly near their prey without getting detected then, owl feather tattoo designs are what you need. A bold horizontal outline of the feather can easily make it stand out. Place this feather tattoo on the backbone or on your finger.

Black Owl Feather Tattoo

black owl feather tattoo


Traditional Owl Feather Tattoo

traditional owl feather tattoo


Black Feather Tattoo Designs

Black feather tattoo designs will ensure you get a lot of attention. It looks good on all skin tones, and you can even place it on the back, collar bone, neck, wrist and legs. The simplest design is to opt for a black feather with exploding birds or two feathers of different lengths.

Feather Arrow Tattoo Designs

A feather tattoo can mix and match different elements that further helps the tattoo to look cool. One way of doing that is to incorporate an arrow with a feather. A feather arrow tattoo looks stunning on men particularly on the arms and when done with dark in the shade.

Feather Arrow Tattoo for Back

feather arrow tattoo for back1


Feather Infinity Tattoo Designs

Do you need a tattoo that will remind you to keep pushing on in life? Then go for a feather infinity tattoo design. Feather tattoos with an infinity symbol show endless possibilities, immortality, and unlimited freedom. Draw a feather on the side of the infinity symbol and add your name below it.

Feather Infinity with Stars Tattoo

feather infinity with star tattoo


Feather Infinity Tattoo for Bellow Neck

feather infinity tattoo for bellow neck


Black and Pink Feather Infinity Tattoo

black and pink feather infinity tattoo


Feather Armband Tattoo Designs

Make a subtle statement by choosing a feather armband tattoo designs. They make a perfect half sleeve tattoo designs, and you can even incorporate more than two different feathers. While men can go for large designs which correspond with their large biceps, women can opt for smaller feminine armbands.

Feather Armband Tattoo for Men

feather armband tattoo for men


Colorful Feather Armband Tattoo

colorful feather armband tattoo


Feather Sleeve Tattoo Designs

One of the benefits of having a sleeve tattoo is that you only show it off when you want to, if not you hide it behind your shirt. You can choose to draw a single large feather or a smaller size which incorporates other elements such as barbed wire.

Flame Feather Sleeve Tattoo

flame feather sleeve tattoo


Watercolor Feather Sleeve Tattoo

watercolor feather sleeve tattoo


3D Feather Tattoo Ideas

3D feather tattoo designs showcase a visually appealing effect that gives it the illusion of popping out of the skin. It will be hard for people to believe it is as a real tattoo unless they touch the design. Instead of the standard bird’s feather why not get creative and combine two bold colors.

3D Feather Tattoo for Back

3d feather tattoo for back


3D Feather Tattoo on Foot

3d feather tattoo on foot


3D Natural Feather Tattoo

3d natutal feather tattoo


Colorful Feather Tattoo Designs

What’s not to love about a feather that stands out because of complementing different colors! While colors help draw attention towards the tattoo and make it more beautiful, choosing the color that doesn’t compliment your skin tone will make your tattoo look ugly. Men can opt to add vibrant colors around the edges of the leaf.

Colorful Feather Tattoo for Stomach

colorful feather tattoo for stomach


Feather and Bird Tattoo Designs

Birds portray different symbolic meanings, and the feathers work to protect their bodies from harsh climate elements as well provides smooth flight. Men can opt to ink a bird head with its feathers on the back or chest area where space is large while women can get it on the thighs.

Feather And Bird Tattoo for Shoulder

feather and bird tattoo for shoulder


Feather Quill Tattoo Designs

Feather quill tattoo designs are ideal for writers or those who love knowledge. With these design, you can even put your quill inside an ink bottle and create a spilled ink effect using watercolors. You can go for a stunning design that uses colorful ink art or a realistic piece.

Feather Quill Tattoo for Forearm

feather quill tattoo for forearm


Feather Quill Tattoo on Hand

feather quill tattoo on hand


Floating Feather Tattoo Designs

Floating feather designs feature thin lines and a curved ending which give the feather a suspending effect. Place this design on the feet or the sides of your chest area. While men can opt to use a black ink, women can incorporate two bold colors such as pink and blue.

Open Heart Floating Feather Tattoo

open heart floating feather tattoo


Rose and Feather Tattoo Designs

A feather is a versatile tattoo that you can even include a rose flower, and it will still look unique and edgy. A bright red colored rose tattoo will make the feather eye-catching hence suitable for ladies. Men, on the other hand, can add a black rose with a feather to depict a departed soul.

Love with Rose And Feather Tattoo

love with rose and feather tattoo


Black Work Rose And Feather Tattoo

blackwork rose and feather tattoo


Compass Feather Tattoo Ideas

While feather tattoos symbolize flight, you can add a compass design to symbolize safe journey. Whether you will be traveling by ship, airplane or car, this feather tattoo design will be a reminder of success to come. You can even use the feather to point the direction showing on the compass.

Awesome Compass Feather Tattoo

awesome compass feather tattoo


Compass Feather Arm Tattoo

compass feather arm tattoo


Paisley Feather Tattoo Designs

Feather tattoo designs can be drawn in different styles and still portray the same symbolic meaning. Feathers in a paisley pattern look more attractive as compared to the standard feather design. This design shows creativity and adding three feathers will depict a holy person. Parsley feathers can be used to decorate a dreamcatcher tattoo.

Paisley Feather Sleeve Tattoo

paisley feather sleeve tattoo


Paisley Feather Tattoo on Hand

paisley feather tattoo on hand


Feather Tattoo designs get their inspiration from the Native American warriors who used to wear them with armbands around the biceps hence are ideal for men. Ladies, on the other hand, can choose colorful feather designs, watercolor, peacock feathers or those that incorporate feminine themes. Birds require air to fly. Hence a feather tattoo can depict spiritual links between heaven and earth or power of the gods. People also choose feather tattoos depending on the traits of the bird.

Feather tattoo designs continue to be popular with girls and guys of all ages. With relations between different cultures and symbolic meaning, people choose a feather tattoo according to the bird’s character. With feather tattoos, it’s all about depicting freedom or rebirth of an individual. These designs are also non-offensive hence more accepted in the society.


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