For those who strived and continued when all you wanted was to quit and end, semicolon tattoo is the best option to express the same. Though small and minimal in size, the #pausenotend tattoo carries a profound meaning and simplistic style. This minimal tattoo can also be the chosen pick for a grammar nazi (need we tell the reason). If you are sure about getting ‘semi’ inked we have compiled a list of 10 best designs to add a beautiful meaning to your life.

1. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

semicolon butterfly tattoo

Butterflies by their very nature mark a new beginning and what better way to ink it than by adding the wings of new beginning and freedom to the simple minimal black semicolon. Just like everything else, this phase shall pass.

2. Semicolon Quote Tattoo

semicolon quote tattoo

This semicolon tattoo with my story isn’t over quote says it all. Smartly linked and placed with the punctuation, the tattoo will be your personal inspiration to stay strong and positive when it feels you are giving up on life.

3. Semicolon Cat Tattoo

semicolon cat tattoo

If you are not looking for something very serious and want to add the needed touch of fun to the tattoo, this semicolon tattoo looking like a cat is the best way to bring the missing humour to the minimalistic tattoo.

4. Compass Semicolon Tattoo

compass semicolon tattoo

A compass, along with being considered as the symbol and supporter to keep you on the right course, is also the beacon of hope for the sailors in the unpredictable and unforgiving sea. The semicolon tattoo inked in the middle of the compass adds on to the meaning by always keeping you hopeful.

5. Anchor Semicolon Tattoo

anchor semicolon tattoo

An anchor attached as a string to the semicolon and the heart above expresses a triple fold meaning by reflecting steadiness and loyalty to the people you love. The tattoo is minimally detailed and with just the right impression of colour.

6. Madala Semicolon Tattoo

madala semicolon tattoo

The semicolon tattoo with the intricate mandala design adds an elaborate beauty to the punctuation mark. Mandala design is usually seen to represent continuity and eternity and added to the simple and meaningful semicolon makes it even more beautiful and detailed.

7. Finger Semicolon Tattoo

finger semicolon tattoo

Finger is one of the most common and safest places to get a semicolon tattoo. The position is intimate and will definitely not be the place you generally see at the first glance.

8. Feather Semicolon Tattoo

feather semicolon tattoo

Be the writer of your story with this feather semicolon tattoo. You can modify and select the colours of the feather as per your preference. The feather brings a meaningful and timeless charm to your tattoo.

9. Uncage Semicolon Tattoo

uncage semicolon tattoo1

The tattoo shows the semicolon mark placed inside the cage with the cage door left open. The tattoo reflects a positive meaning of letting yourself free from the shackles and continuing with the course of life; as life has a lot to offer.

10. Cont;nue Semicolon Tattoo

contnue semicolon tattoo

This absolutely clever and meaningful tattoo comes with the semicolon embedded in the positive and beautiful message- ‘continue’. The letter I has been replaced with the punctuation mark for rendering a dual meaning to the message.

Celebrate your decision to continue with these inspirational and meaningful semicolon tattoo designs.

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