Flowers make women go weak in the knees, and it’s a fact we’re all aware of. For those of you who are unwilling to commit to a large design, small flower tattoos are exactly what can come to your rescue.

Katy Perry Lotus Flower Wrist Tattoo

katy perry lotus flower wrist tattoo1

Cute Small Flower Tattoo Below Ear

cute small flower tattoo below ear


Small Rose Flower Tattoo On Shoulder

small rose flower tattoo on shoulder


Peony and Plant Back Tattoo Design

peony and plant back tattoo design


Often, the foot is a great choice for a small flower tattoo. The flowery foot tattoo is a design that accentuates the foot with its vibrant contrasting colours and floral appeal. For women who like baby shaped leaves in the structure, the orange and mauve flower design is simply perfect. The flower monochrome design is another classy pattern. Its structure consists of a stem branching into three, with a flower on the top of each. The biggest advantage of this design is that it is unisex in nature.

Beautiful Tattoo of Flower Design

beautiful tattoo of flower design


Water Color Flower Tattoo On Foot

water color flower tattoo on foot


Fashionable Flower Tattoo On Hand

fashionable flower tattoo on hand


Little Flower On Ankle Tattoo Design

little flower on ankle tattoo design


There are amazing options available for women who want to get inked on the ankle too. The flower ankle tattoos are usually horizontal structures with a vine at the base and a cute bright flower on the top. The evening flower design is particularly for women who prefer one-strapped ball gowns. The roses in its pattern make you look extremely bold and sensuous.

Fine Line Style Leg Tattoo

fine line style leg tattoo


Simple Flower Tattoo On Back Ear

simple flower tattoo on back ear


Rose Tattoo Design on Hand

rose tattoo design on hand


Black Flower Tattoo Design Idea

black flower tattoo design idea


Pretty Small Flower Tattoo On Back Neck

pretty small flower tattoo on back neck


Dainty Flower Tattoo Design

dainty flower tattoo design


Sunflower and Carnation Tattoo

sunflower and carnation tattoo


Amazing Delicate Flower Tattoo

amazing delicate flower tattoo


The decision regarding a tattoo is individualistic and should be backed by proper knowledge. After all, it says a lot about your personality and preferences.

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