Lily is one of the prettiest flower among many other. Imagine getting a tattoo that has lilies. We went through social media to find 10 beautiful lily tattoos that we could recommend to you and here they are.

Emma Stone Wrist Lily Tattoo

Emma Stone Wrist Lilly Tattoo

We love Emma Stone and her tattoo too. It is plain, simple and nice. We would recommend this to anyone who loves something so nice. It is not even done in proper shape or not much shading but it still looks visually appealing.

Skull with Lily Tattoo Design

Skull with Lily Tattoo Design Source

You can be funky yet girly with a tattoo like this. A skull with lilies and the coloring done in pink is perfect for someone who is getting a big tattoo. It is funky because the skulls also have flowers in them. This is something different from what we see everyday.

Lily with Cross Tattoo

Lily with Cross Tattoo Source

God will always with be with you even if it is in the form of a flower. This combination of flower and cross is the perfect tattoo to get for someone who believes in God and wants it to be on those lines with a pretty flower to make it look artistic.

Lilly Tattoo Cover Up

Lilly Tattoo Cover Up Source

Flowers are always pretty but this one with the perfect coloring of purple and blue makes it look so gorgeous. The shading is done so accurately with the stigma and pollens drawn to perfection. We love every bit of this and would recommend it to someone who loves colour.

Lily and Butterfly Tattoo

Lily and Butterfly Tattoo Source

Butterflies love flowers and this tattoo shows it all. There are pretty flowers drawn all over and butterflies floating all over them. The shading is done so nicely and the over all tattoo looks like a garden.

Watercolor Lily Tattoo

Watercolor Lily Tattoo Source

Do you love art as much as we do? Then this one has got to be for you. A simple lily design with a splash of colors all on it is done so artistically and at the same time looks very elegant. We love it; we absolutely love it and would definitely recommend it to you.

Botanical Lily Tattoo on Back

Botanical Lily Tattoo on Back Source

We can’t stop looking at the picture. Also, we have only one word on our minds for this and that would be, exquisite. There is so much detailed work done onto the tattoo that you would end up looking into every part of it and not just the main part. Shading done to perfection and it being over all black makes it look even more perfect.

Watercolor Tiger Lily Tattoo

Watercolor Tiger Lily Tattoo Source

We are getting to understand the whole art of designing better now. This roughly drawn lily with a splash of colours makes it look like a very rough design but a very unique one too.

Lily Foot Tattoo

Lily Foot Tattoo Source

Show the world your pretty feet by making it look even prettier with these beautifully designed lilies. It is so well drawn and shaded and will make you stand out in the crowd for sure.

Black and Gray Lily Tattoo

Black and Gray Lily Tattoo Source

We save the best for the last. Looking for a very simple yet opulent design then this has got to be the one for you. It is a lily plant that is drawn out so well and kept it very minimalistic.

Lovely Lily Tattoo for Women

Lovely Lily Tattoo for Women Source

Red and Black Inked Tattoo

Red and Black Inked Tattoo Source

Cute Footprint Tattoo Design

Cute Footprint Tattoo Design Source

Purple Color Flower Tattoo

Purple Color Flower Tattoo Source

Bright and Colorful Tattoo

Bright and Colorful Tattoo Source

Neck Tattoo for Women

Neck Tattoo for Women Source

Pretty Tattoo for Women

Pretty Tattoo for Women Source

Awesome Half Sleeve Tattoo with Stars

Awesome Half Sleeve Tattoo with Stars Source

Traditional Tiger Tattoo

Traditional Tiger Tattoo Source

Beautiful Mom Tattoo Design

Beautiful Mom Tattoo Design Source

Colorful Lily Tattoo on Foot

Colorful Lily Tattoo on Foot Source

We love every bit of these designs and we think you will love them too. They are simple yet look smart and will definitely get heads turning to look at the beauty of these tattoos.

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