Dragons are powerful creatures that emit fire. Dragon images are popularly used for different applications, like Tribal Dragon Tattoo. One of the most used dragon features is the eye. Bold lines and curves are usually used in creating visual impact for dragon eye tattoo. If you are into tattoos – dragon tattoo, to be specific – then you should check out the design ideas included here.

Smaug Dragon Eye Tattoo

smaug dragon eye tattoo


This Smaug dragon eye tattoo design is really eye-catching. The design appears as if the eye of the dragon is peeking through ripped and stitched skin. Though the background design is appealing, the eye is the focus and it has that mesmerizing penetrating stare.

Realistic Dragon Eye Tattoo

realistic dragon eye tattoo


This is definitely one realistically done dragon eye tattoo design. It occupies a whole left chest, symbolizing the owner of the body’s deep fascination with dragons and tattoos. The design is playful and not focused on creating a really menacing and scary dragon eye. You may also see Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Celtic Dragon Eye Tattoo

celtic dragon eye tattoo


This Celtic dragon eye tattoo design is not very colorful, but it is certainly very eye-catching. The eye itself is very scary, rather it is thoughtful. This is really a different tribal shoulder tattoo design, one that should appeal to people who love tame dragons.

Dragon’s Eye symbol Tattoo

dragons eye symbol tattoo


If you are into fierce looking dragon eyes, then this dragon eye tattoo design should appeal to you. The eye is colored in heated red, much like the fire that emits from the beast. The background design of pointed sharp scales adds to the powerful look of the tattoo.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Design

dragon sleeve tattoo design


For those who like dragon tattoos but are not very fond of colorful designs, this sleeve tattoo is highly recommended. The design is that of a dragon swimming through the water, as it is drawn through the entire length of the arm.

Elephant Dragon Eye Tattoo

elephant dragon eye tattoo


This elephant dragon eye tattoo is designed with an emphasis on curves, rather than on the eye. There is no fierceness here, just styles that would make anyone want to look and admire.

Chest Dragon Eye Tattoo

chest dragon eye tattoo


If you want a dragon on your chest then you should check this dragon eye tattoo out. The menacing look of the eye is achieved by using neutral colors. If you like being in total control, then this is the dragon eye tattoo design for you.

Tribal Dragon Eye Tattoo

tribal dragon eye tattoo


This tattoo design is a feminine and it looks good inked on a smooth female skin. The eye itself look really feminine, while the dragon on the background appears to be protecting the eye. You may also see Eagle Tattoo Designs

Black and Grey Dragon Eye Tattoo

black and grey dragon eye tattoo


Dragon Eye Tattoo on Hand

dragon eye tattoo on hand


Blue Dragon Tattoo on Head

blue dragon tattoo on head


Dragon Eye Tattoo for Men

dragon eye tattoo for men


Dragon Eye Tattoo on Shoulder

dragon eye tattoo on shoulder


Dragon Eye Palm Tattoo Design

dragon eye palm tattoo design


Beautiful Dragon Tattoo on Elbow

beautiful dragon tattoo on elbow


Several people, from all over the world, are fascinated with the art of tattoo. For people who likes tattoos and are very fond of a dragon, then a dragon eye tattoo design would be the best for them. The dragon eye is probably the most powerful feature of this beast. Just looking into those eyes would definitely make you feel the need to have power, be mystical and gain control.

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