Tattoos are a depiction of the interests, beliefs, togetherness, love, affection etc. Falcon Tattoo designs are loved by many tattoo lovers all over the world as Flacon being a symbol of intellect, determination, discipline, commitment towards reaching the goal, never give up attitude etc. Falcons are large and powerful birds. They are capable of killing their prey aiming at them from such great heights. The Falcon is a determined and strong bird, it is chosen by many countries as their military icon. You may also see Dove Tattoo Designs

Tribal Falcon Tattoo Design

Tribal Falcon Tattoo Design Source

This tribal falcon tattoo design in black on the back of the lady is looking amazing. The falcon with its wings open and in a flying position shows the freedom, hope and search for new opportunities being the inspiration of having this tattoo done. You may also see Eagle Tattoo Designs

Egyptian Falcon Tattoo

Egyptian Falcon Tattoo Source

This Egyptian falcon tattoo on the back in black ink is a symbol of intellect and power. In Egyptian mythology, Ra the Sun God was depicted with a falcon. People who believe in  Egyptian mythology or people who are fascinated by the intellect and power of the Egyptian Falcon would love to have this tattoo.

Falcon Chest Tattoo

Falcon Chest Tattoo Source

This beautiful falcon tattoo on a rose flower branch is in a ready to fly position. The tattoo represents falcon as the ever attentive, ready to defend, ready to take action if a dangerous situation arises etc. People who love this side of the falcon would love to have this tattoo. The detailing of the bird and the roses done in a sketchy way is really appealing.

Half Sleeve Falcon Tattoo

Half Sleeve Falcon Tattoo Source

This falcon tattoo depicted on the half shoulder sleeve is looking tremendous in black color. The Falcon is depicted as flying and ready to hunt is looking as it has its entire focus on the prey. The black and brown colored falcon tattoo, with its wings spread and focused, is liked by many people who love the amount of concentration and focus a falcon displays.

Falcon Arm Tattoo Idea

Falcon Arm Tattoo Idea Source

This beautiful falcon head tattoo depicted on the arm is bright and colorful in shades of black, orange and green. The perfection and the detailing of this tattoo and the intensity of the eyes altogether make this a  dream tattoo for every falcon tattoo lover.

Traditional Falcon Tattoo

Traditional Falcon Tattoo Source

This traditional falcon tattoo in shades of green and orange perched on a stone is looking wonderful. The backdrop of the Sun in red color and the calm posture of falcon are picture perfect. The patience and the wait a falcon displays  attract many falcon lovers to have this tattoo done.

Falcon Wings Tattoo Design

Falcon Wings Tattoo Design Source

This beautiful falcon tattoo with its wide spread wings is a piece of art. The intricate design of the tattoo done in black color is hard t be ignored. Tattoo lovers who love the beauty of falcon would have it done for sure.

Falcon Tattoo on Shoulder

Falcon Tattoo on Shoulder Source

This falling free falcon tattoo on the shoulder in black color is just fascinating and breathtaking. The free fall of the falcon is captivated very well and the intricate design of the tattoo with very good shadings is sure to be loved by everyone.

Colorful Falcon Tattoo

Colorful Falcon Tattoo Source

This beautiful and colorful falcon tattoo in colors of red, blue, black and orange is sure to be liked by everyone. The bright colors and the detailing of the tattoo make this a favorite among tattoo lovers. You may also see Peacock Tattoo Designs

Falcon Tattoo on Thigh

Falcon Tattoo on Thigh Source

This amazing falcon tattoo on the thigh which is done in black ink is a piece of art. The falcon perched on a person’s hand show the strength and friendly nature of the bird. Tattoo lovers would love to get this tattoo.

Black and Red Falcon Tattoo

Black and Red Falcon Tattoo Source

Realistic Falcon Tattoo Idea

Realistic Falcon Tattoo Idea Source

Falcon Head Tattoo on Leg

Falcon Head Tattoo on Leg Source

Neo Traditional Falcon Tattoo

Neo Traditional Falcon Tattoo Source

Falcon Tattoo for Men

Falcon Tattoo for Men Source

Black and Gray Falcon Tattoo

Black and Gray Falcon Tattoo Source

Falcon Tattoo on Hand

Falcon Tattoo on Hand Source

Beautiful Falcon Tattoo Design

Beautiful Falcon Tattoo Design Source

Simple Falcon Tattoo Idea

Simple Falcon Tattoo Idea Source

Falcon and Rose Tattoo

Falcon and Rose Tattoo Source

Falcon Rib Tattoo Design

Falcon Rib Tattoo Design Source

The Falcon tattoos are loved by everyone as they are huge birds with lots of determination and focus. Tattoos displaying strength and determination are best to be done on shoulders and thighs where the muscle strength adds an element of intensity. Eagle tattoo is also the favorite among tattoo lovers along with falcon tattoos.

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