Perhaps, one of the most famous tattoo designs for men, the cross tattoo designs have been around for centuries. Along with the mostly religious symbolism, a cross holds the meanings of life and death as well as the union of the four elements. Its versatile design can be incorporated in many themes and styles, achieving stunning and awe inspiring tattoos. Today we are going to share with you a collection of amazing cross tattoo designs.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design Source

This black cross design with the metallic outlines is an excellent piece of work. You can choose this design as a cover up tattoo. The lining of this will take some time to complete as it requires skills to achieve.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design Source

A red cross design with black tribal patterns for the outline. This is an easy design that will take about two sessions to complete. You can choose a different color combination for your design to customize it to your preferences. You may also see Tribal Tattoo Designs

Small Cross Tattoo Design

Small Cross Tattoo Design Source

The simple design of this cross tattoo is perfect for women. Its small size makes it look elegant and chic. Also you can choose to have it in any part of your body.

Cross with Wings Tattoo

Cross with Wings Tattoo Source

Wings always add a sense of constant movement. Like in this cross design, the wings bring a feeling of freedom that is suitable for both men and women. You can also choose to have it in a colored version.

Cross Half Sleeve Tattoo

Cross Half Sleeve Tattoo Source

Some people decide to honor their loved ones, those have passed away, with a tattoo. The cross, having the elements of life against death is the best choice to do it. This half sleeve design is suitable for everyone.

Cross Heart Tattoo Design

Cross Heart Tattoo Design Source

This black and white design is the proof of amazing shading work. The red heart and the rose add a soft feeling. The black lining requires some level of skill but the end result is going to amaze everyone.

Maltese Cross Tattoo Idea

Maltese Cross Tattoo Idea Source

This stunning Maltese cross design has been inspired by the knights of Malta. The geometrical pattern of each part adds a sophisticated air to the tattoo while the shading accentuates it.

Cross Tattoo Design for Men

Cross Tattoo Design for Men Source

A simple design with a masculine air. This is a perfect tattoo for men, adding your own message to the design. This can be finished in one session as it doesn’t require particular skills.

Cross with Ribbon Tattoo

Cross with Ribbon Tattoo Source

A cross design with a ribbon wrapping around its length. This is suitable for everyone and you can decide on the message you want written on the ribbon. The lining and shading will take average time.

Wooden Cross Tattoo Design

Wooden Cross Tattoo Design Source

The correct use of colors can give amazing results like this wooden cross. The design has a realistic touch with the natural grains of the wood. The hat on the side can be also customized with some other object. You may also see Lightning Tattoo Designs

Black Work Cross Tattoo Design

Black Work Cross Tattoo Design Source

Cross Tattoo on Chest

Cross Tattoo on Chest Source

Cross Foot Tattoo Idea

Cross Foot Tattoo Idea Source

Cross Tattoo on Finger

Cross Tattoo on Finger Source

Black and Gray Cross Tattoo

Black and Gray Cross Tattoo Source

Unique Cross Tattoo Design

Unique Cross Tattoo Design Source

Cross and Flower Tattoo Design

Cross and Flower Tattoo Design Source

Memorial Cross Tattoo Design

Memorial Cross Tattoo Design Source

Cross Tattoo on Forearm

Cross Tattoo on Forearm Source

Cross Tattoo on Neck

Cross Tattoo on Neck Source

Tiny Cross Tattoo Design

Tiny Cross Tattoo Design Source

A cross tattoo can mean anything. You can have it for strength, spiritual guidance, or in order to honor someone’s memory. There is a variety of designs that you can have or you can incorporate it in other themes like the tribal tattoo designs just by altering a few features.

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