Choosing a half sleeve tattoo design is going to help you keep it covered or uncovered any time you choose to. As one of the trending tattoo designs for men and women, you will come across a multitude of designs that will look amazing on your skin. Today we are here to share with you a collection of half sleeve tattoos in order to show you various themes and to help you find the one.

Tribal Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Arm tattoos like the tribal ones have a great appeal to millions of men around the world. They have a stunning design with bold lines and strong curves that can give you the most incredible tattoos for your half sleeve.

Tribal Flame Half Sleeve Tattoo

tribal flame half sleeve tattoo


Celtic Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Celtic tattoos can give you an intricate design with detailed work that will definitely take time to complete. You can go for a classic black and white design or you can choose a colorful version that will give more personality.

Celtic Knot Half Sleeve Tattoo

celtic knot half sleeve tattoo


Celtic Dragon Tattoo Half Sleeve

celtic dragon tattoo half sleeve


Half Sleeve Skull Tattoo Ideas

Sculls are popular to both genders. The half sleeve designs range in style, design and color bringing you a vast variety of tattoos to choose from. You can have a single scull with decorative elements or a set of them.

Half Sleeve Sugar Skull Tattoo

half sleeve sugar skull tattoo


Half Sleeve Cross Tattoo Designs

The cross tattoos have a strong religious appeal that is favored from both men and women. From simple cross designs to Celtic crosses with majestic backgrounds you can find many different designs for half sleeve tattoos to give you style.

Half Sleeve Tribal Cross Tattoo

half sleeve tribal cross tattoo


Half Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo Designs

A great example of abstract design is the Polynesian tattoo. You can have these designs for your half sleeve starting at the base of your neck and ending down to your elbow. The intricate style will enhance your biceps beautifully.

Men’s Half Sleeve Polynesian Tattoo Design

mens half sleeve polynesian tattoo design


Half Sleeve Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Koi fish tattoos have a subtle elegance that can give you exquisite results. Also suitable for hand tattoos, you can choose the koi fish design in a colorful version that will make you look interesting with such attractive tattoo design.

Koi Fish Half Sleeve Tattoo for Men

koi fish halfsleeve tattoo for men


Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Roses are a classic choice for both men and women. The designs can range in style as well as mood ranging from aggressive to romantic. You can choose the color depending on your tastes although the colorful versions have a strong pull.

Skull Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

skull rose half sleeve tattoo


Colorful Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Choose a design for your half sleeve and watch it take new life with the right color combinations. The design will help you accentuate your biceps while the colors will add character bringing together the synthesis of the tattoo’s lines.

Half Sleeve Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos act like guardians for many people that feel the need to be protected. You can choose a half sleeve tattoo design featuring an angel with well-designed outlines and gorgeous shading that will make your tattoo look stunning.

Half-Sleeve Guardian Angel Tattoo

half sleeve guardian angel tattoo


3D Half Sleeve Tattoos

In order to get a well designed and realistic 3D tattoo you need to find a tattooist with a high level of skills. These tattoo designs have a unique style that adds the strongest visual interest a tattoo can ever give.

3D Butterfly Half Sleeve Tattoo

3d butterfly half sleeve tattoo


Music Half Sleeve Tattoos

The fine art of music could not be out of our collection. From microphones to notes and from instruments to music sheets you can find a huge variety of designs that will make your arm look stylish giving you character.

Music Note Half Sleeve Tattoo

music note half sleeve tattoo


Traditional Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Traditional tattoos have an all time classic look. You can choose a black and white design with various background elements to style or you can go for an outgoing colorful version that will give you extra points for your taste.

Neo-Traditional Half Sleeve Tattoo

neo traditional half sleeve tattoo


Half Sleeve Dragon Tattoos

In case you want a design that represents strength and wisdom at the same time then you should go for a dragon half sleeve design. These tattoos come in many variations while the details will take some time to complete.

Men’s Half Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

mens half sleeve dragon tattoo


Floral Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Floral designs are mostly chosen by women although many men prefer them too for decorative purposes. The feminine element of the designs can be incorporated with other themes bringing you magnificent designs in both monochrome and multicolored versions to choose.

Half Sleeve Star Tattoos

Stars can give you a glamorous look. You can find many different designs varying in style, color combination and difficulty bringing you incredible tattoos. A colored version will give you a psychedelic tattoo making you look interesting and really stylish.

Women’s Half Sleeve Star Tattoo

womens half sleeve star tattoo


The amount of artwork that can be done on one’s arm is endless. The concepts vary depending on the style you want to achieve as well as the look. The most favored designs for both genders are roses, sculls, tribal and angels bringing a great deal of versatility to choose from. Women tend to go for elegant designs with watercolor schemes while men choose more aggressive patterns and colors to style their bodies with art.

Sleeve tattoos are a great way to look stylish. Half sleeve tattoos in general start from the shoulder and end around the elbow. Depending on your personal tastes, your dress code as well as the tattoo’s design, you can determine the exact length of your tattoo for amazing body art.

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