Haida tattoos base their meaning and designs from the rich culture of North America. With each unique design based on a different color combination, a Haida tattoo signifies a person’s character. While ancient people used Polynesian tattoos as a form of beauty or spiritual devotion to the gods, Haida tattoos also incorporate different animals to express a meaning unique to each person. So, whether it’s an owl or a bear, there’s a Haida tattoo that will complement your skin tone.

Bear Haida Tattoo Idea

bear haida tattoo idea


According to Native American culture, a bear is a symbol of freedom and power. You can opt to represent these traits by getting a bear Haida tattoo. Ladies will love this tattoo because in Haida culture a bear depicts motherhood.

Wolf Haida Tattoo Design

wolf haida tattoo design


Most people are afraid of a wolf due to its sharp teeth. However, when it comes to unique tattoo designs, a well-done wolf Haida tattoo will look good on any man. Get this tattoo to portray intuition, wildness, and intelligence.

Haida Armband Tattoo

haida armband tattoo


If you admire tribal arm tattoo designs, then you will love this bold Haida armband tattoo. The intricate design and vibrant colors used in this body art will complement a pale skin tone and make you look amazing.

Bird Haida Tattoo Design

bird haida tattoo design


If you’re looking for a Haida tattoo that looks good on either male or female individuals, then opt for this bird Haida tattoo design. The design is unique making this tattoo cool. Opt for a bird such as a raven or an eagle.

Haida Skull Tattoo

haida skull tattoo


Haida Tattoo for Shoulder

haida tattoo for shoulder


When going for a job interview or any formal event you may need to cover up your bold Haida tattoo. To temporarily cover up your tattoo start by applying a light concealer and then add a foundation that compliments your skin tone. After that apply a translucent powder and add a light coat of hairspray. Wait for about 5 minutes or more before wearing clothes to ensure the coating doesn’t rub off.

While each Haida tattoo is unique, you can further incorporate other elements such as the sun, an animal or insect to portray your personality. You can also include dates, zodiac symbols or flowers.
The Haida tribe is famous for its beautiful artwork which appears on carvings, prints, and even tattoos. With vibrant colors and dark shading, Haida tattoo designs stand out as unique as well as beautiful. Haida body art will especially look amazing as an armband tattoo

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