The double exposure effect has been very popular in the recent times and has also been used in the posters of a lot of movies. The effect was initially made by using a photography technique where two images were exposed to the same piece of film. Now, the effect is achieved through digital manipulation done in photoshop. Double effect deals with reflecting multiple illustrations through one image with a single visual thread connecting all the elements.

Lines Are Hero In These Logo Designs

We are enlisting 10 most popular illustrated double exposure poster designs that are hand drawn with such finesse that they will certainly leave you amazed and in awe of their work.

1. Rocky by GABZ

rocky by gabz

This poster of the movie Rocky couldn’t be more clear and precise with the double exposure technique. It reflects all the elements in the silhouette of two boxers, who act as the central characters of the movie. Actor Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers fill in the dark outline of the drawing of boxers.

2. Inception by GABZ

inception by gabz

Aptly explaining the movie inception, the poster unmasks a mixture of events happening inside the brain of an individual. The poster plays well on the concept of the movie with the title smartly written diagonally across the poster.

3. The Jungle Book by Olly Moss

the jungle book by olly moss1

The jungle book poster takes the idea of the poster from the basic story line by showing the outline of the tiger and the cardinal character Mowgli and primal component jungle portrayed inside the outline of the creature. The colour orange solidifies the final touch to this excellent poster.

4. Star Wars by Olly Moss

star wars by olly moss

The star wars poster shows the double exposure technique inside the outline of a C3PO. The poster exhibits the apt image of the movie with standard star wars font and the focal composition inside the outline.

5. Batman Begins by Michael Rogers

batman begins by michael rogers

Batman begins poster banking on the colour black and the outline of the batman suit exhibits the city on the inside with the wide array of sky and moon, showcasing the idea of guarder of the night.

6. Mad Max Fury by Levente Szabo

mad max fury by levente szabo

Mad max fury poster plays well on the double exposure by showing the apocalyptic world and the rebels reaching out to save it. The colours and the rough font help to further add assurance to the visual design of the poster.

7. Drive Movie Poster by Luis Fernando Cruz

drive movie poster by luis fernando cruz

The movie revolving around two men and a car is reflected well on the poster with the car placed inside the silhouette of a man.

8. Seven by Changethethought Studio

seven by changethethought studio

The psychological thriller seven with all the suspicions and ups and downs portrays the same idea through the poster with the two faced combined lineation of Bradd Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

9. Spectre by Tommypocket Design

spectre by tommypocket design

The style of 007 is capture distinctly in the poster that offers the backdrop of the city with Bond facing the city with the gun in one hand. The black and white colours play well in making the poster more dramatic and realistic.

10. Revenant by Maria Suarez Inclan

revenant by maria suarez inclan

The movie revenant with its close relation to nature shows all the distinct elements of nature. The river, forest and mountains are all adjusted inside one single outline. Nature acting as the base of explaining the mankind’s interaction with the infinite stretch of surrounding environment.

These illustrated poster designs express the beauty not just through the double exposure effect but also through the detailed and extensive hand drawn work of the artists.

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