Would you like to like to know about Manga, one of the most popular Japanese comic cartoons commonly read by children and adults? Manga comic stories revolve around the cultural aspects of Japanese people living their daily routine life.

It portrays historical background of Japanese culture, bringing about fantasies in the real world and how superheroes have been able to achieve with their complete dedication and commitment towards their country delivering the message to the youngsters and adult in a distinctive and unique drawing style.


Barefoot Gen


This comic comprises of all the stories illustrating the impact of attack on Hiroshima with atomic bombs, the idea presented here represents how it affected the overall lifestyle of the people bringing in-depth analysis of their everyday life and what made them change it by through different stories of their own people passing through challenges and difficulties they have been facing around.

This comic strip will entertain adult searching for best hallucination and horrifying stories exhibit through these stories. The story is categorized as short, Manga series focusing on how Hellsing organization has been able to control and fight their enemies with supernatural individuals and alchemist.


Afro Samurai

Interested in knowing about warrior stories, here is the comic by the name of Afro Samurai, illustrating about two headbands. It shows how one can be one headbands, where an individual holding the title one headband, it’s considered to be world greatest warrior. The story encapsulates a child with his dad holding the position of the one headband had been killed by the evil Justice, envisioned his entire life challenging all odds to become number two headband and fights for the title of one headband.


Dragon Ball Z


It is considered to be one of the most popular animated comic strips amongst the youngster with the aim to provide them adventure and entertainment with the story revolving around Goku and his friends fighting with the bad guys with the purpose to defending the world from the evil and bad guys.
Would you interested in learning about young Ninja inspiring to be the leader of Homage of a village of Konoha. This Manga will help you entertain by the fascinating story about the young boy who would be challenging the world with his mighty skills.

nartuo images manga volume 05


InuYasha illustrates the story of the teenage girl facing a number of a problem fighting against her challenges until she recognizes her super powers and brings about a change in her life.


Death Note

The story contains a lot of interesting facts about how light has been able to use the power of God and designing a new world by eliminating the world from criminals.

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Full metal Alchemists

The story tells you about the personal conflicts between two brothers, searching for the Philosopher’s Stone to bring about the restoration of their own bodies.



This is categorized as one of the most adventurous and action-oriented web Manga illustrated and published by Shilin. The story captures the inside world of Maelstrom, focusing on how magic is considered to be one of the most effective skills for both humans and beast – humans.



This comic artwork illustrates how people are used to enjoying their life in Japan with the purpose of fulfilling their desires provided with lots of things to be entertained with along with food and drinks and magical power they have.

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