Do you love your inner nerd-self? Do you think you are grown up and serious? Maybe you are grown up, but you don’t feel old to add a little creature or mascot from comic books to your everyday look. You don’t have to be a super artist in order to achieve superior results. There are few tricks on how to do it quickly. Just don’t overdo it, because, too many applications will make it look silly.

Pop Art Nail Design

Pop Art Nail Design Source

Any pop theme you adopt and transfer on your nails will do the job if you chose wisely. Statements like ‘sexy’ will be suitable for a college girl, but not to a serious lady.

Marvel Nail Art Idea

Marvel Nail Art Idea Source

Marvel created one of the best comics’ heroes ever. If you are going to do this kind of nail design, do like this. Cut out a character you want and stick it to the polished nail with a drop of a glue. Apply transparent coating at least twice in order to cover micro imperfections. You may also see Minnie Mouse Nail Designs

Superhero Nail Art

Superhero Nail Art Source

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, there are many heroes. Wings, nets and logos of famous stars fill in our superhero agenda for this kind of approach. Do each nail with another logo depicting a certain hero and you will defiantly have awesome nails and vintage look. Be aware this is for party only design.

Cartoon Nail Design

Cartoon Nail Design Source

You probably recognize some of the Japanese manga characters. They will stand out in the crowd, but at the same time, keep the modest appearance by making them little. Usually, you can buy stickers to apply to this theme, just reinforce it with a layer of translucent lacquer. Do some of the nails in monochrome or mono-color design.

Iron Man Nail Art

Iron Man Nail Art Source

The Ironman design makes you appear a bit aggressive. Avoid this kind of setting for a date with a new boyfriend, but this will be good to go for a party or horse races. Red is the trademark of Ironman, so this kind of nail art will require respected short dress equally vivid.

Spider Man Nail Art Idea

Spider Man Nail Art Idea Source

Lady Gaga sports this kind of nail fashion occasionally and if you are free and uplifting spirit as she is, this trick is for you. This design is easy to draw with a thin brush in a series of swoosh moves.

Black Widow Nail Art

Black Widow Nail Art Source

We just love this kind of details incorporated into this kind of art design. Do you agree with us? Spider’s net is an intriguing idea.

Batman Nail Design

Batman Nail Design Source

Isn’t there any better hero in the dark rubber suit to be fashioned at the tip of your fingers than Batman? If you depict his head, bat wings or overall bat logo, then it can be pretty cool. Of course, if you don’t want to stab eyes of beholders, please, do several nails in spray mode and you will be OK.

Avengers Nail Art

Avengers Nail Art Source

Too colorful, usage of saturated colors will not make you pretty, but it will bring you certain attention. Unwanted attention if you ask us. Though, the idea is brilliant for Halloween or masquerade party.

Toe Comic Nail Art

Toe Comic Nail Art Source

We really liked this idea. Splash, bang, and pow, will certainly bring us back to childhood and make us smile. In old times, when kids didn’t have cable TV, they used to read comics books which fired up their imagination. This design pays the best tribute to good old days. Cheers! You may also see Disney Nail Designs

Blue Color Comic Nail Art

Blue Color Comic Nail Art Source

Comic Acrylic Nails Idea

Comic Acrylic Nails Idea Source

Comic Nail Art for Long Nails

Comic Nail Art for Long Nails Source

Beautiful Comic Nail Art Idea

Beautiful Comic Nail Art Idea Source

Deadpool Nail Art Idea

Deadpool Nail Art Idea Source

Hand Painted Batman Nail Design

Hand Painted Batman Nail Design Source

Pretty Comic Nail Design

Pretty Comic Nail Design Source

Cute Comic nail Art Idea

Cute Comic nail Art Idea Source

Unique Comic Nail Art Idea

Unique Comic Nail Art Idea Source

Comic Nail Art for Dark Skin

Comic Nail Art for Dark Skin Source

Lovely Comic Nail Art for Short Nails

Lovely Comic Nail Art for Short Nails Source

We would love to see how your designs turn out. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t get them right at the first go. Remember, practice is the key to master any art.

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