A mix of two or more colors always makes the overall look emanating. Nails are the prettiest when done to perfection. Well, we are here to show you the 10 daintiest nail art designs and let you choose.

Pink Sponged Nail Art

pink sponged nail art


This is an impeccable blend between dark pink and light pink. Pink is always a good and safe color choice to go with and is used commonly for nail art designs. This particular one with glitter onto it makes it look gleamingly attractive.

Polka Dotted Ombre Nail Design

polka dotted ombre nail design


Polka dots have been in fashion since forever and they will probably never run out of fashion. We like how there is a mix of pink, orange and yellow. The blend looks radiating and the polka dots make it stand out.

Sponge Gradient Nail Art

sponge gradient nail art


The fusion of blue and purple with this kind of finish makes the nail art design visually stand out. These colors used are very vibrant and will make you look different than the usual.

Silver and Purple Glitter Nail Design

silver and purple glitter nail design


Don’t you love when something sparkles? What if those sparkling things are your nails? Purple with a silver alloy makes the design look glamorous. The art where the entire nail is glittery is what makes it contrasting.

Rainbow Sponged Nail Art

rainbow sponged nail art


This gleaming rainbow design is colorful, loud and well what do I say, it is delightful from every angle. Since there are so many colors involved, it gives you a sense of happiness. This is a very admirable design.

Cool Shimmer Sponge Nail Design

cool shimmer sponge nail design


We all need some glamor in our lives, even if it is in the form of shimmery nails. Blue and pink are colors that always look good together. They brew to what makes the perfect nail art design that is visually appealing.

Sponge Mountain Nail Art Idea

sponge mountain nail art idea


It’s a sunny day for you and for your nails. Well, the design at least speaks for the weather. The hilly region with a bright shining sun is what makes is this nail art design. The colors are all subtle and bring out the entire concept.

Cute Blue Ombre Nail Design

cute blue ombre nail design


Something blue, something darker and something white. That pretty much sums up the entire nail design. The combination of the three colors is giving the design a perfect touch. This exquisite design will make you stand out and break the monotony.

Awesome Sponge Nail Art

awesome sponge nail art


If you are asked to name your favorite colors what would they be? Well, we just got ours after looking at this splendid work. Pink and orange combination leaving the ends to be natural is perfect in its own way. It is a well thought of design and very well executed. The contrast is different and very compelling.

Trendy Glitter Nail Design Idea

trendy glitter nail design idea


Multi Color Polished Nails

multi color polished nails


Blue Color Spring Nails

blue color spring nails


Simple Nail Art Idea

simple nail art idea


Lovely Nail Art for Square Nails

lovely nail art for square nails


Green and Black Sponge Nail Art

green and black sponge nail art


Light Green Ombre Nail Art

light green omber nail art


Pretty Pink Nail Art

pretty pink nail art


As told before, here are some gorgeous designs that we think would look good on anyone. All you need is, to carry this off with confidence and a pretty smile. Even if these colors are bold, they will still look as amazing as they do on screen and we suggest you must give it a try and flaunt them off. You will stand out for sure.

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