For these pretty nail art, we are ready to say in any season that Winter is coming! And while we are a fan of Jon Snow but we still want you to know everything about these superb designs which you must try in order to make others nostalgic of the beautiful weather.

Snowflake Nail Art

Snowflake Nail Art Source

Three things contributed to making this nail art win over all the others we did not pick. The super subtle pink base, a holographic glitter paint(it is available easily even in your drugstores now). And the trick here is to make a transferable design on a plastic sheet or transfer sheet with nail art pen and shift it to your nail.

Snow White Nail Art

Snow White Nail Art Source

These Ballerina nails with untidy snow print are all you need if you are in a hurry. You can use neons instead of white too. Make sure to have more density on the tips to give it an ombre sort of effect.

Snow Globe Nail Art

Snow Globe Nail Art Source

The only condition for you to fall in love with this beautiful design is that you should be a girl, sexist? Okay, you should have eyes. Those velvet hearts, that water globe and that intricate design with tiny pearls is like a manicure dream to have. It is a perfect way to use those three wishes you have been saving.

Snow Leopard Nail Art

Snow Leopard Nail Art Source

Who said Leopard nail art has to be in brown or black only? We did not. This beautiful baby pink Leopard nail is something you should bookmark and try for that next time you paint your nails. It is not only easy but also quick in terms of application.

Snow Fox Nail Art Idea

Snow Fox Nail Art Idea Source

Space inspired nails are one of the most stunning nail arts. Especially this one with a cunning fox on it. Sometimes when you have small nails it is difficult to design a character or anything for that matter but there is no rule which states that you can’t borrow another fingernail to complete the design. You may also See Festive Nail Art Designs

Cute Snowman Nail Design

Cute Snowman Nail Design Source

These tiny people on ski nails are all you needed to see today. The best thing is that every nail has a different story to tell. Make your own version it might look more like a skeleton but who cares? We are going to work every day till we get these nails.

Snow Blue Nail Art

Snow Blue Nail Art Source

These nails can be paired with your Frozen costume this Halloween. The design with blue background has free hand flake drawing on them with white snow using a sponge. The nails with the white background were created using stickers for the flake part and the rest was covered with white polish using a sponge. And you thought that we can only create gradient nails using a sponge?

Snow Flower Nail Art

Snow Flower Nail Art Source

Stilettos nails with delicate snowflake and those two perfect shades of blue is what we am getting for our next manicure. What about you? Snow Queen Nail Art

Snow Queen Nail Art

Snow Queen Nail Art Source

Dreamcatcher used to be our favorite wall hanging, not anymore. Now, it is our favorite nail art design. Those dreamcatchers with diamond embellishment will definitely keep you positive all day. And those beautiful pastel colors has to go in your shopping bag the next time.

Winter Snow Nail Art

Winter Snow Nail Art Source

Aw! These nails make us miss Christmas. The Christmas tree with snow on it and only the cutest snowman with a carrot nose are definitely giving us goosebumps. Snow can also be created using a dotting tool like the one used here. You may also See Animal Print Nail Designs

Awesome Snowman Nails

Awesome Snowman Nails Source

Red Snow Nail Art Design

Red Snow Nail Art Design Source

Black and White Snow Nails

Black and White Snow Nails Source

Christmas Snow Nail Art

Christmas Snow Nail Art Source

Gray Nail Art Design

Gray Nail Art Design Source

Gold and Black Snow Nails

Gold and Black Snow Nails Source

Tip Snow Nail Art

Tip Snow Nail Art Source

Glitter Snow Nail Art

Glitter Snow Nail Art Source

Pointy Blue Nail Art

Pointy Blue Nail Art Source

Classy Look Snow Nails

Classy Look Snow Nails Source

Silver and Black Nail Art

Silver and Black Nail Art Source

Get these nails now and please don’t conceal, do let them know, feel a thousand things and definitely flaunt your hard work.

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