The latest SUV that Skoda has been designing will be up for display at the Geneva Expo in two months. However, it has come to our knowledge that the model has been teased with a few pictures of it having been revealed, and a few hints from the spokesperson of Skoda as to how it might look.

white skoda

The SUV will be called the Kodiak and will resemble a Volkswagen vehicle that has been quite popular in the past year. While the car is yet to be released to the public, this information of its resemblance to VW has put off quite a few car fans.

car front

A handful of spy pictures of the Kodiak have been released by the company, and even though the vehicle is camouflaged to the extent where nothing precipitate or conclusive can be derived, it looks more or less like a larger version of the Skoda Yeti.

car handle

The interiors of the car is expected to look like the Skoda Superb, which bodes well for the company as it is one of the most well-acclaimed interiors that the company has produced in recent times, since the Octavia.

car design3

The Kodiak is set to hit the streets in both petrol and diesel versions, with the petrol version having a four cylinder range and the diesel engine being a 1.6-litre turbo.

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