Founded in 1922, Jaguar is an iconic automobile brand known for luxury, class, power, and the British charm. The brand is loved by every automobile enthusiast but not everyone can afford to get their hands on the super luxurious cars that the brand produces. Over the year, Jaguar has come up with some distinct and celebrated car models that changed the way the world perceives automobile design. Here we present the 10 most iconic car models by Jaguar.

1- Mark IX

Jaguar Cars produced Jaguar Mark IX between 1959 to 1961. It was a popular ceremonial car for dignitaries. It was the official car for Charles de Gaulle when he paid a state visit to Canada in 1960. Though later on the car was replaced with the contemporary design but this design remains a classic.


Jaguar XKSS has an interesting story and all the Jaguar enthusiasts must be familiar with it. In 1956 Jaguar made few modifications to its D-type race car and called it XKSS. It was sold as a street legal version of its D-type race car. This remains one of the sought after cars produced by the brand because it is a rare product. In 1957, a fire broke out in the production plant and out of the total of 25 cars only 16 survived. And these survivors today are worth a fortune. In March 2016 it was announced officially that Jaguar would finish up the original 25 cars and the remaining 9 would be built from the scratch.

3- F-Type R

Jaguar F-Type R is a combination of beauty and power. It looks gorgeous on the outside and is elegant from the inside. This is one of the recent productions by the brand. An advertisement this car featuring actors like Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston escalated the popularity of the car to another level.

4- SS Jaguar 100

The car design is high on elegance quotient. Yet, many people consider it as a first sports car by Jaguar. The car replaced the SS Jaguar 90 and was far better on the performance ground. Interestingly, the car had 125 hp of an engine because of it the car could break into the speed of 100mph, very much like its name.

5- XK120

After the company stopped producing the SS Jaguar 100 in 1940, It returned to the sports car arena after 8 years with XK 120. The name was given to the car because it could reach up to the top speed of 120mph. One of the most beautiful vintage cars, it influenced automakers like Corvette into coming up with their two-seater roadster

6- XJ220

.Top speed of more than 200 mph, twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 engine, spectacular performance, anything else one needs in a car? The beautiful built is very much evident in the picture given above. It is difficult to resist the fact that this iconic car was launched 20 years ago.

7-  E- Type

Jaguar E-Type was produced between the period of 1961 to 1975. This car once used to be the favorite of the elite class and even today, if purchased from an auction, would cost a fortune. During the 14 years of its existence over 70,000 cars of this elegant model were sold. The legendary Enzo Ferrari declared it as “the most beautiful car ever made”, which is definitely the highest compliment for any car.

8- Mark 2

Another addition to the list from the Mark series is here. Mark 2 replaced Mark 1 and was produced between 1959 to 1967. It was a clear improvement over its predecessor with its slimmer door pillars, improved suspension, and larger windows. Even in terms of speed and performance Mark 2 was way ahead. During its time it was a popular choice for action movies that had car chase scenes.

9- XJR 9

Winner of the 2010 Le Mans Legend, XJR is one of the popular race cars Jaguar has built. 1988, XJR9 won the 24 Hours of Daytona race and clearly broke many records. An improvement on the XJR 8, XJR 9 was built with a 7.0-liter V12 engine.

10- F- Type

This beautiful convertible by Jaguar comes with supercharged engines. A favorite of all sports car enthusiasts, F- Type never fails to impress.

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