It is hard to imagine a world without gadgets today. There is no harm in accepting our dependence and addiction on these technological appliances. 2017 has a lot stored in for the gadget freaks. We are expecting some very cool product launches in the coming year. Let’s check them out one by one. These are the products that have been announced by the brands, we hope 2017 would also bring us some surprises in the gadget department.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8

samsung galaxy s8

It hasn’t been a great year for Samsung and so the brand is making sure to have a perfect entry for 2017. Galaxy S8 is expected to launch in the spring 2017 and the brand has already announced that the phone will include a new digital assistant powered by Viv. Viv is an artificial intelligence startup by Samsung that was founded by the same team that built Siri.

2. New iPads

new ipads

The spring of 2017 is also expected to bring a new line of Apple iPad with a lot many improvements to the Apple Pencil stylus and we are also expecting new screen sizes.

3. New iMac

new imac

There are not many reports on the arrival of New iMac but it has been very long since Apple had a major upgrade on the iMac Computers. As per the reports available, Apple will be adding the new USB-C port to the upcoming iMac lineup and the computer is expected to be upgraded with new standards.

4. iPhone 8

iphone 8

2017 is going to mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone so it is the perfect time for the awaited launch of iPhone 8. The phone is expected to have an all-glass design, an organic LED display, no home button, new screen sizes, and more.

5. A new Laptop from Google

a new laptop from google

Google is planning a renovation of Chrome and Android operating systems in a way that it could be used to work on many more devices. Apparently, the operating system is going to be called Andromeda. The OS will also power a new kind of laptop built by Google. The expected launch is going to take place during the fall and the laptop is said to work as both a tablet as well as a conventional laptop.

6. Smartwatch made by Google

smartwatch made by google

2017 seems to be a crucial year for Google. The company is also expected to launch its own smartwatch in the coming year.

7. A New Version Of Microsoft’s Surface Pro

a new version of microsofts surface pro

The new version of Microsoft’s Surface Pro was expected to launch in 2016 but since the launch has been delayed, it is now overdue in 2017.

8. Microsoft Surface Book 2

microsoft surface book 2

Some interesting computer launches are awaiting in 2017 certainly. Not just Surface Pro but Microsoft has the faster and the more powerful Surface Book 2 also lined up for its launch in 2017

9. New Virtual Reality Headsets For Windows 10

new virtual reality headsets for windows 10

We all have been getting a lot of buzz about the concept of virtual reality but not many of us have got a first-hand experience on it. Seems like, in 2017 a lot many of us are going to have an access to virtual reality via the new virtual reality headsets for Windows 10.

10. Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch is going to release in March 2017 and has got the gaming enthusiasts very excited. This new gaming console will work on televisions and doubles as a portable system. More details on the launch will be out by January 12, 2017.

11. Xbox Project Scorpio

xbox project scorpio

It is going to be a great year for gaming nerds. Microsoft is ambitiously working on Project Scorpio which is like a more powerful version of the Xbox. This piece of consolation is for gamers who prefer performance. The launch in expected sometime in the fall of 2017.

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