If you have been waiting patiently for renovating your home with something fresh and exciting, the new year offers a clean slate to make some unique and artistic tweaks. Keeping in tune with the spirit of change, the interior design trends have a lot in store for the luxurious home dwellers in 2017. The below mentioned 20 interior trends will help to refurbish your home with effortless ease and style, while also providing you with plenty of additional flexible choices to decorate your plush space.

Marble Wallpaper

marble wallpaper

Marble motif wallpaper with a close to natural finish is one of the easy and luxurious additions you can make to your place without digging too deep in your pockets. The classic appearance is sure to stay on trend for the coming seasons.

Hanging Plants

hanging plants 1

Plush green hanging plants do not just add a refreshing green value to your space but also make the look come out more polished and cozy. The flourishing vines covering the space in the home will help to make the appearance soft as well as appealing.

Navy is the New Black

navi is the new black

Homes have finally started to opt for crossover designs that carry navy and deep blue tones. You can experiment with the color by adding it to a velvet sectional or a statement wall for rendering a modern and moody vibe to space.

Heated Floors

heated floors

Trust us, your feet will thank you forever. The heated floors are one of the luxurious and unique additions you can make to your space. The heated floors are also a great choice for homes in the colder regions.

Wooden Tiles

wooden tiles

Wooden tiles in a number of shapes and style lend a rustic value to the home. Looking clean and artistic, the wooden tiles are also a great choice if you are looking for something elaborate that is simultaneously subtle in its demeanor.

Vintage Made Modern

vintage made modern

Fusing art with wooden, the classic furniture when mixed with vintage appearance contributes a contemporary vibe to the place. With a strong and attractive presence, the vintage meets modern trend is one luxurious drift and blend to look out for in 2017.

Hanging Lights

hanging lights

Instead of opting for table lamps, try and consider hanging pendant lights in the bedroom to create a whimsical style statement. The look comes out especially well in small rooms where there is limited space for nightstands.

Black Steel and Glass

black steel and glass

Take the look of your window panes to the next level with black steel rims. Giving an understated yet impressive presence, the use of glass and steel allow plenty of sunlight to come into the room.

Human Docking Stations

human docking stations

As we all have Wi-Fi facilities in our dwelling spaces, why not make the space special and less rough with docking stations that come with an equipment cabinet, a drop-down or pull-out desk surface for completing the tasks quickly.



If silver isn’t your cup of shine, then try and decorate your space by opting for copper. With a rose gold finish the look blends seamlessly with varied styles of decor.

Tropical Prints

tropical prints

Taking a cue from the runways, this year interior trend emphasizes on bringing a tropical and breezy vibe to space. The print will continue to appear in wallpapers as well as designer fabrics. Experiment with the print either by including it in a statement piece of furniture, wall or even something as small and minimal as throw pillows.

Green Meets Saturated Hue

green meets saturated hue

Greenery is officially the color for 2017, and the color takes its inspiration from the surrounding environment. As green is an attention grabbing a color, it is best to lend a contrasting tone to the color with earthy shades like Kale (the color of the vegetable) and Hazelnut. A warm nude placed against the fiery shades will bring the pop of color to your interiors.

Mixed Metals

mixed metals1

Brass, chrome, silver, polished nickel and antique brass and bronze bring a luxe edge to the interiors. The resurgence of the mixed metals can be expressed both in a minimalist and industrial style.



Textures are one of the best ways to mix and play with the varied styles of decor. Whether it is with industrial raw metals and unfinished woods or rugs and plants, the unexpected pairings are the trend that will be translated and seen is many households this year.

Minimal and Contemporary

minimal and contemporary

minimal and contemporary1

The trend aiming towards minimal living and owning less continues to be in the limelight with styling and functional storage solutions making the small dwelling spaces more space efficient. If you are someone who likes to keep it classy with the basics, this trend is definitely one to follow.

High-Lacquered Wood

high lacquered wood

The look of polished high-lacquered wood is going to be an emerging trend for 2017. Adding a neat tailored finish and texture to space, the wood will also lend an evergreen charm and class to the interiors.

Upholstered Headboards

upholstered headboards

If ceiling headboards are too much, then upholstered headboard is definitely one attractive option for your bedrooms. Whether you go for a simple looking or a vibrant patterned one, upholstered headboards are one of the easiest ways to attach a luxe factor to your homes.

Timeless Terracotta

timeless terracotta

Warm materials like terracotta have been gaining popularity and year 2017 definitely, reflects the same. Bringing a sense of uniqueness to modern interiors, the material carries a more grounded and elegant appeal in the contemporary households.

Furniture as Art

furniture as art

If you are not keen on adding separate accent and art pieces in the interiors, try and make the furniture serve the dual purpose of art in your home. Functional and artistic, the unique and appealing designs of the furniture will also lend an authentic presence to your interiors.

Let There Be Light

let there be light

A house well-lit will not just help to cancel out the negative energy in the home but also make the home look more bright and spacious. Make sure to add plenty of natural sources of light and keep the home subtle and vibrant.

Incorporate these hottest interior decor trends and get your house styled and ready for 2017.

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