With everyone talking about the upcoming fashion trends, we don’t want our interior design enthusiasts to feel left out. And so we got you this list of top interior design trends that are definitely going to be the highlight next year. Look below for the surprising, intriguing, imaginative and fresh trends that are going to help you give your home an innovative and modern makeover.

1. Natural Texture and Colors

natural texture and colors


One of the current trends that will continue even in the next year is definitely bringing the outdoors inside. Try and include some potted plants or flowers in your living room to make the room vibrant with natural colours and texture.

2. A Natural Escape Room

a natural escape room


Since we are talking about natural textures and colors, how about bringing a pond inside your living space! Indoor ponds are trending now and will continue to rule the roost in the coming year! It adds an element of drama and makes for a great natural escape inside your house.

3. Vintage Transformed Into Modern

vintage transformed into modern


Try and give a customized and personalized look to old items in your living space. This coming year is going to be about all things vintage! Pick some vintage pieces to match your contemporary styles and let your individual touch shine! A vintage

4. Minimalist Bathrooms

minimalist bathrooms


A bathroom designed with urban comfort and functionality while also maintaining a touch of elegance. These minimalist bathrooms are a fad! It consumes very little space and gives a look of opulence and style.

5. Furniture With Retro Inspiration

retro furniture design

Susan Jay Design

Furniture carrying a retro look is definitely the style you should look out for. Wooden chairs, artistic furniture pieces, simple minimalist lamps and several other interior elements with a retro feel are definitely the pieces that can be easily integrated with a modern interior design layout.

6. Trendy Materials

trendy materials


Marble is a refined and classy material you can include in your bathroom, kitchen or living room layouts. Holding the capability to give your room a new and polished look, marble can transform the space easily and effortlessly.

7. Interior Color Trends 2017


Dulux Kea Point and Crow Valley

The interior design colour trends for the coming year largely focus on muted tones and four main palettes- Chroma, Sentience, Entwine and Construct. Next year’s colour mixes will definitely be earthy yet vibrant with a strong connect to organic materials palette.

A home reflects the personal style of the person who lives in it. Be it a small studio apartment or a grand mansion a home is an extension of the self. So, upgrade your home with these additions and make your home say something about you.

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