Geometric patterns create an eye-catching design to any room. Interior designs paint multicolor squares all over a white grid to give the room a gallery feel. The pattern continues with simple tiles. Graphic wallpaper gives a living room a modern cozy feel while establishing a retro vibe. This also creates a perfect area for a opaline glass box collection and lamps when set up with a creamy color contrast.

Multi Color Patterned Walls For Bedroom

muti color patterned walls for bedroom

Pattern Wall Design For Living Room

pattern wall design for living room

Gray Bedroom With Small Scale Pattern

gray bedroom interior design idea

Use light with a small-scale pattern to add visual interest without overwhelming the living space. This will also lighten up dark leather furniture and create room appeal with geometric lighting. Pair matching softs with geometric fabric designs. The bold upholstery brightens the room, even with basic or neutrals.

Eclectic Farm House Kitchen With Pattern Walls

eclectic farm house with triangle pattern wall

Beach Style Bedroom Tiles With Pattern

beach style bedroom tiles with pattern

Blue and White Geometric Pattern Design

blue and white geometric pattern design

Pattern Rug For Living Room

pattern rug for living room

Transitional Living Room With Yellow Pattern Rug

transitional living room with yellow pattern rug

Zig Zag Designed Living Room Floor Rug

zig zag designed living room floor rug

Choose furniture with geometric designs like bookshelves or mirrors. Add details of shapes and hues with color-blocked pieces to bookshelves. The kaleidoscope pairs well when matched with accessories to continue the theme. Geometric patterns don’t have to stick to wall coverings and furniture fabrics, a convex mirror adds a contemporary touch to a room with traditional furnishings.

Black and White Tiles For Kitchen

black and white tiles for kitchen

Small Bathroom With Blue Patterned Tiles

small bathroom with blue patterned tiles

Home Office Interior Design Idea

home office interior design idea

Colorful Dining Design With Pattern Furniture

colorful design with pattern furniture

Traditional Bedroom With Green and White Interior

traditional bedroom with green and white interior

Blue Color Pattern Walls For Kitchen

blue color pattern walls for kitchen

For subtler ways to add dimension with geometric patterns, zigzag designs break up the symmetry of the living space to create a more relaxed, laid-back vibe. Add key-trimmed pillows to add contrast to the theme. Add a rug with colors and patterns as bold shapes take center stage in any décor. Make sure to choose one statement piece to refrain from creating an over busy room.

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