If you happen to be a movie buff, you would look out for the best audio-visual equipment at your home to experience flawless entertainment. Well, home theaters have caught up fast with the trend and people prefer the comfort of their home while they watch their favorite movies. Home theaters consist of affordable audio-visual equipment, and you need to incorporate a personalized sitting arrangement in the room. Here are twenty Home Theater Designs that may live up to your aptitude.

Modern Home Theater Designs

Modern home theaters are architecturally enriched. There are different geometric patterns on the ceiling and pillars. You need to incorporate lights with heavy hues like purple or blue to create a cinematic ambiance in the room.

Modern Home Theater Interior Design

modern home theater interior design


Modern Home Theater Furniture Design

modern home theater furniture design

Joshua Lawrence Studios INC

Vintage Home Theater Designs

If you are fond of a vintage lifestyle, buy well-cushioned and large sofas for the room. You can opt for a framed projector in the home theater, surrounded by small lights around the frame. An embroidered carpet and ceiling add to the sophistication.

Vintage Home Theater Decor Design

vintage home theater decor design

Design by Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc

Vintage Home Theater Lighting Idea

vintage home theater lighting idea


Living Room Home Theater Designs

If you plan to incorporate the home theater in your living room, you can incorporate large sofa-cum-beds for sitting arrangement and customize your comfort. A thick, black border around the white screen looks contrasting in this setting.

Living Room Home Theater Furniture Design

living room home theater furniture design


Modern Living Room Home Theater

modern living room home theater

Design by Charles Cunniffe Architects

Basement Home Theater Ideas

Basement home theaters can be made elegant and rich in look if you have a lot of wooden furniture around. For instance, wooden wall panels, wooden chairs and ceiling and a wooden frame around the screen can deliver a superb look to the setting.

Small Basement Home Theater Idea

small basement home theater idea


Basement Home Theater Seating Idea

basement home theater seating idea

Design Guild Homes

Traditional Home Theater Designs

People looking out for traditional Home Theater Designs may opt for a large screen, with red velvet drapes in front. Pair up the drapes around the windows with the chairs and sofas. A well-architecture ceiling with wooden panels makes the room elegant.

Traditional Home Theater Carpet

traditional home theater carpet

Photo by Greg Grupenhof

Traditional Home Theater Flooring Design

traditional home theater flooring design

College City Design Build

Home Theater Ceiling Designs

Home theater ceilings may be innovative and experimental. You can try out different architectural designs here. The square designs with pendant lights around the perimeter is a popular trend. You can also opt for horizontal stripes with indirect lighting in your home theater.

Home Theater False Ceiling Design

home theater false ceiling design

Design by DSI Luxury Technology

Home Theater Ceiling Light Design

home theater ceiling light design


Luxury Home Theater Designs

You can live up to the best of luxury in your home theater with exotic drapes, fine sofas, and innovative lighting. Large and comfortable stand alone sofas may be your choice, or you may go for modified easy-chairs for the purpose.

Luxury Home Theater Furniture Design

luxury home theater furniture design


Luxury Home Theater Decor Idea

luxury home theater decor idea


Home Theater Lighting Ideas

There are different patterns for home design lightings. Tray ceilings are the best options for lighting, as you can hang dangling lights from the center. Around the perimeter, you can fix small coloured pendant lights. Pillar lightings can also make the home theater complete.

Basement Home Theater Lighting

basement home theater lighting

Design by Tomasetti Architects

Home Theater Ceiling Lighting

home theater ceiling lighting


Home Theater Interior Designs

Furniture is the best designed interior accessories in home theaters. Apart from these, you can design the pillars with different art designs and lamps. For the screen, you can border it with wooden frames, furnished to perfection.

Stylish Home Theater Interior Design

stylish home theater interior design


Small Home Theater Interior Design

small home theater interior design

Design by Surreal Systems, Inc

Home Theater Cabinet Designs

Cabinets are an integral part of home theater furniture. Here, you can inquorate burnished wooden cabinets along the walls. Place the speakers and boxes on the cabinets. Make sure that the cabinets have a compatible look with other furniture and chairs.

Home Theater Speaker Cabinet Design

home theater speaker cabinet design

Design by Matthieu Govciyan Agency

Contemporary Home Theater Designs

Contemporary home theaters have spacious areas and you can enjoy the living space between the sofas. With embroidered and textured carpets, you can match up the ceiling with good architectural themes. Opt for darker home theater lights to get the perfect ambiance.

Contemporary Home Theater Furniture Design

contemporary home theater furniture design


Contemporary Home Theater Seating Idea

contemporary home theater seating idea

Photo by Jeri Koegel

Small Home Theater Designs

If you have a small room for home theater, you can make it look compact by placing the sofas closer to each other. Incorporate small cabinets and shelves with decks for speakers. Tray ceiling goes well with this setting.

Small Home Theater Ceiling Design

small home theater ceiling design

Photo by Matthew Mallett

Small Home Theater Decorating Idea

small home theater decorating idea


Rustic Home Theater Designs

If you have a rustic living taste, you need to craft the home theater ceiling with weathered wood. There are thick wooden pillars with a rustic surface, and square wood panels in the ceiling make the room look rustic.

Rustic Home Theater Furniture Design

rustic home theater furniture design


Wooden Rustic Home Theater Design

wooden rustic home theater design

ABD Associates in Building + Design Ltd

Home Theater Remodeling Ideas

You can remodel your home theater to resemble a galaxy or a cottage. A sloping ceiling with lights along the edges look superb. You can also opt for a round ceiling with indirect lighting. For the screen, you can remodel it with multi-layered and overlapping velvet drapes.

Basement Home Theater Remodeling Design

basement home theater remodeling design


Small Home Theater Remodeling Design

small home theater remodeling design


Transitional Home Theater Designs

These home theater designs are featured by elongated halls with wooden side panels along the walls. You can incorporate wall arts in the pillars, coupled by wall lamps. A wooden floor looks elegant with this setting.

Transitional Home Theater Lighting Design

transitional home theater lighting design


Transitional Home Theater Wall Design

transitional home theater wall design

Teragon Developments & Construction Inc

Home Theater Stage Designs

The stage in home theaters is customized according to the wall and ceiling colours. You may opt for dark and well-burnished wooden stages. Well-lit stages look refined and you need to use soft yet sophisticated lights around the stage.

Home Theater Front Stage Design

home theater front stage design

Design by Media Rooms Inc

Home Theater Stage Curtain Design

home theater stage curtain design


Home Theater Wall Designs

The best way to customise walls is to go for themes. You can incorporate a grid-styled wall with a different mix of colours. Geometric patterns also find a poplar position in the walls. Wooden walls with decorative panels also look elegant.

Home Theater Room Wall Design

home theater room wall design


Home Theater Screen Wall Design

home theater screen wall design


Home Theater Wall Decor Idea

home theater wall decor idea


Garage Home Theater Ideas

The walls in a garage home theatre can change the entire ambience. Wooden wall designs go well when you have a lot of burnished furniture. You can go for panelled walls or simple solid colour walls with portraits and art works. Opt for a pillared ceiling to match up the setting.

Garage Home Theater Seating Design

garage home theater seating design


Rustic Garage Home Theater Design

rustic garage home theater design


Sports Themed Home Theater Designs

If you want a home theater with sports-theme, you can opt for a sloping or curved ceiling. Arrange the seats in a semi-circle, and decorate the walls with sports-based portraits. You can also suspend dangling lights from the ceiling, with sports logos and symbols.

Sports Themed Basement Home Theater

sports themed basement home theater

Photo by Peter A. Sellar

Sports Themed Home Theater Interior

sports themed home theater interior

Laura U Interior Design

Diy Home Theater Designs

These are stylish home theaters with a considerably larger number of seats. You may opt for leather armchairs for the purpose. Tiny spotlights illuminate the ceiling, resembling a sky with twinkling stars. You may opt for a tray ceiling for the purpose.

Diy Outdoor Home Theater Design

diy outdoor home theater design

Photo by Jeff Garland

Diy Home Theater Seating Idea

diy home theater seating idea

Photo by Jon Eady

How are Home Theaters Used?

Home theaters are used for sheer entertainment purposes where a projector is arranged in the room, coupled by high quality speakers. Some people prefer plasma TV to the projector screens and you may customise the size and nature of the screen according to your affordability. When it comes to the sitting arrangement, people look out for sizable furniture with considerable degree of breathing space in between. So, you need to create a complete compatibility between the lights, sofas and electronic equipment to enjoy the ambience seamlessly.

Decorating Tips for Home Theaters

Get in touch with some valuable home theatre decorating tips here:

  • Incorporate velvet drapers, red or maroon in colour to create a lively home theatre interior.
  • Small pendant lights on the ceiling and pillar lighting looks good in home theatres.
  • If you have a lot of guests, you can arrange for round lounge tables in the room.
  • A tailored home theatre may have matching floors, walls and chairs. Use the same velvet coating on all these accessories.
  • An upholstered home theatre helps to absorb the extra sound created in the process.
  • Home theatres can be made more dramatic by incorporating deep blue rotating lights in the ceiling, creating a fantastic hue.

Home theatres are growing in popularity among various segment of entertainment lovers. If you are one of them, you can customise the place according to your taste, aptitude and affordability. New home theatre trends are making their way into contemporary lifestyle, as you can find various Home Theater Designs based on traditional styles, rustic traits or even garage home theatres. If you have anything innovative at the back of your mind, you can definitely incorporate it in your home. Share your ideas with us too.

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