Traditional home designs too heavy for you and the modern style not classy enough? Then you need to blend a traditional design with contemporary styles to build your dream house. A good transitional home design strikes the perfect balance between elements of traditional and contemporary. There must be a smooth “transition” between the old and the modern. You may use a mix of traditional and modern finishes, materials and fabrics.

Transitional Home Bar Design

transitional home bar design

Transitional Home Dining Room Design

transitional home dining room design

Transitional Home Exterior Design

transitional home exterior design

Design by Katherine Shenaman Interiors

Transitional design consisting of simple lines, neutral colours and the optimum use of light can result in a classy and eminently livable house. Straight lines both outside and inside, interspersed with the occasional soft, sweeping curve will give you the best of both worlds. You will create a house that is not stern but still has reasonable decor. Scale all your design elements to moderation for subtle refinement. You may also see Minimalist Home Designs

Transitional Kid’s Bedroom Wall Art Idea

transitional kids bedroom wall art idea

Transitional Home Kitchen Design

transitional home kitchen design

Transitional Home Pool Design

transitional home pool design

Transitional Home Bedroom Design

transitional home bedroom design

Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Transitional Home Office Design

transitional home office design

Aaron B Duke - Interior Designer

Transitional Home Gym Design

transitional home gym design

Sarah Gallop Design Inc

Transitional Home Interior Design

transitional home interior design

Design by Martha O'Hara Interiors

Transitional Home Bathroom Design

transitional home bathroom design

Transitional Living Room Design

transitional living room design1

Transitional Home Porch Design

transitional home porch design

Transitional Home Outdoor Design

transitional home outdoor design

Soft and earthy colours like tan, beige or ivory make are ideal for transitional interiors and exteriors. In fact brown or chocolate tones are the deepest colours to be used in transitional designs. For furnishings, Mission-style, Shaker and Asian fabrics and upholstery are popular matches. Transitional design aesthetics demand an optimal blend of traditional and modern design accessories like conventional wood furniture with modern light fixtures. Other items of furniture and the design elements can neither be too ornate or minimalistic.

Transitional Home Deck Design

transitional home deck design

Design by Copper Creek Landscaping

Transitional Kid’s Bedroom Design

transitional kids bedroom design

Transitional Home Decorating Idea

transitional home decorating idea

Photo by Peter A. Sellar

Transitional Home Theater Design

transitional home theater design

Homes with a transitional design suit frequent travellers very well. They are used to both traditional and modern living spaces in other countries and cities, so it will be a homecoming in more way than one. Also, light and neutral wall colours are the best backgrounds on which to display the various artefacts collected from around the world. You may also see Modern Home Designs

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