The colour white has witnessed a beautiful year in home design. With the capacity to suit well to everyone’s preference, white exteriors are the common choice among the homeowners. Whether you are looking for something entertaining or just simple inspiration, white outsides are surely going to brighten up your day. Take the color cue from these 10 homes that feature white exteriors which are conventionally beautiful.

1. Stanley Boulevard

stanley boulevard


The use of white in the exterior of this beautiful European home makes the details shine through clearly, which could have otherwise been missed with the use of color.

2. Minnesota Transitional

minnesota transitional

If you think plain white can dull the look of your home, then this neutral home can serve you with the best inspiration. Simple and classy, the transitional home uses a mix of wood panelling with white to draw the attention of the passersby.

3. Third Street Farmhouse

third street farmhouse

The barn style design of the farmhouse offers no distraction by highlighting the style with the plain play of colour that brings out the clear cut edges. The full size mirrored windows on either side are beautifully complemented with a door in the middle.

4. Palmetto Bluff

palmetto bluff

Rustic and revered, the dull white home embraces the subtle beauty while contrasting beautifully with the lush green surrounding landscape. Dull white is a great choice for someone not looking for a sparkling white detergent finish home.

5. Traditional Farmhouse

traditional farmhouse


The eggshell white color on this one of a kind countryside home makes the look of the home resemble an assorted cupboard we all have in our bedroom.

6. Lavish Mission Revival

lavish mission revival


This comes as no surprise that Mediterranean homes are known to carry an elegant white exterior. Along with white this Mediterranean home is accentuated with terra cotta roof and intricate driveway which remains timeless and evergreen.

7. Contrasting White

contrasting white

This white cosy southern home carries a subtle contrast with the blue tin roof. The home is a perfect inspiration for someone not looking to incorporate complete white to the exterior of their homes.

8. Cape Porpoise Residence

cape porpoise residence

This beach-style home in Maine maintains its New England heritage fresh and evident with black-framed windows used against white siding. The classic combination of black and white maintains a style that will never go out of vogue.

9. Mountain Brook Cottage

mountain brook cottage


This fairytale-like cottage carries the perfect dreamy appearance with a cedar-shingled gable roof paired with white exterior and white steps.

10. Dallas Home

dallas home

The use of white exterior breaks the look of wooden garage doors and steeply pitched roofs used in this contemporary styled Dallas home.

If you are looking to renovate your space, go bright this time for a look that is standard and elegant.

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