The minimalism concept is gaining quite a popularity among home owners and developers alike. This may be due to the fact that more people are yearning for a simpler lifestyle void of clutter and any unnecessary things. Looking back at Victoriana architecture you may be tempted to think that a minimalist home design is synonymous with boring but the following minimalist home décor ideas are bound to change your mind.

Tropical Minimalist Home Design

tropical minimalist home design1

Set in a forested area, the small footprint of this home is just ideal for its setting seeing at there is minimum interference with the landscape allowing the house to blend in perfectly. The materials used are just as minimalist, enhancing the simple nature of the home.

Small Minimalist Home Design

small minimalist home design1

Though small, the details given to the above home give it visual interest while still upholding its minimalism. Using monochrome is a great way of enhancing minimalism as can be seen from above whereby the roof blends with the wall color and the exterior paving as well.

Minimalist Rustic Home Design Idea

minimalist rustic home design idea

Employing vintage craftsmanship, this mountain-style stone house is simple yet elegant. Again we see the idea of monochrome, visually interrupted by the wooden door and windows all topped off with great detailing. The traditional outdoor furniture blends in as a perfect match.

Modern Minimalist Home Design

modern minimalist home design

The combination of Portuguese limestone and stained wood give this modern villa a very sophisticated yet simple feel. Notice how the ‘garage’ is a not a separate room altogether but a space underneath a cantilever? This perfectly embraces the concept of minimalism.

Contemporary Minimalist Home

contemporary minimalist home 1

Construction doesn’t get any simper than using a shed roof and the above could be perfect for a Minimalist Home Office or artist’s studio. The numerous windows allow for plenty of natural indoor lighting and the roofed porch just completes this house giving it a laid-back atmosphere. You can also see Modern House Designs

Minimalist Home Design Furniture

minimalist home design furniture

This majestic two-toned home is simply modern and elegant. The low profile minimalist outdoor furniture echo class further enhanced by the rustic planters, the oversized sliding door and the dramatically large window screens. You can also see Transitional Home Designs

Brick Tiled Minimalist Home Idea

brick tiled minimalist home idea

A small house with an interesting slate gray exterior color and a majestic hip roof, this house is visually impressive and definitely stands out. It looks traditional yet elegant and the landscaping – including the large pine trees, further enhance its minimalism.

Simple Minimalist Home Design

simple minimalist home design1

The windows, French doors, and French balconies are a great visual break in the stucco wall. The metal shed roof above the porch blends in well with the asphalt shingles proving that minimalism doesn’t always mean playing it safe when it comes to choice of materials.

Traditional Minimalist Home

traditional minimalist home

The luminous green door and red chairs offer a welcome pop of color to the monochromatic exterior of this midcentury house. The detailing on the balcony railing of the Minimalist Bedroom is a nice touch as is also the exterior lighting and the native landscaping.

Minimalist Home Exterior Design

minimalist home exterior design

This two-story contemporary house features a trendy exterior made visually appealing by combining brick, wood, and glass all presented in different colors. The simple box shape of the house echoed up to the flat roof is emblematic of minimalism.

Poolside Minimalist Home Design

poolside minimalist home design

Minimalist Home Lighting Idea

minimalist home lighting idea

Custom Minimalist Home Design

custom minimalist home design

Tiny Minimalist Home Design

tiny minimalist home design

Trendy Minimalist Home Design

trendy minimalist home design

Minimalist Home Renovation Idea

minimalist home renovation idea

Design by : KUBE architecture

Modern Poolside Minimalist Idea

modern poolside minimalist idea

Private Minimalist Home Design

private minimalist home design

Wooden Minimalist Home Design

wooden minimalist home design

Minimalism can be translated in various ways but the bottom line is that the concept emphasizes on simplicity. It is up to the designer to take this up as simplicity in form, in a choice of materials, in décor or even in size. With plenty of amazing small living room ideas, minimalist designs are fast becoming the norm.

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