Have you been trying to create more space in your office? Renovating your desk setup would be the best opportunity to create extra space in a holistic way. From corner desks to modular setups that come with sliding shelves under the monitor, you there are a lot many designs that should serve your purpose. Depending upon the floor plan, you can also ask for customized desk designs that not only save space but make your office/room look better. Here are some great ideas to pick cues from.

Modern Minimalist Computer Desk

modern minimalist computer desk


If you are looking for a minimalist computer table for your home office, you can always go for a corner table arrangement. Look for an ergonomic design for the table and a computer system that doesn’t demand too much of space. However, make sure you have enough room space on the table side to bring in more work, as and when necessary.

Traditional Minimalist Computer Desk

traditional minimalist computer desk


If you are planning on a space saving modern office design, go for table layouts that comfortably rest all necessary gadgets and yet leave enough room space for the user. Lastly, the right amount of lighting ensures that the space looks bright, cheerful and bigger.

White Minimalist Computer Desk

white minimalist computer desk


White themed computer table arrangement can be space saving feature in your study room/office. The color white gives the illusion of a bigger space but it will need a bit of care to maintain the smoothness and glaze of the color. You might also want to accommodate the same theme in the rest of the room to create an overall illusion of spaciousness.

Contemporary Minimalist Computer Desk Idea

contemporary minimalist computer desk idea


Perfect for personal usage or home office design, a minimalist computer desk comes with big cabinets and desks to keep the surrounding clean and neat. The easier it is to work, the more fulfilling is the experience. You can also see Home office Desk Designs

Two Drawer Minimalist Computer Desk

two drawer minimalist computer desk


This example perfectly shows how cabinetry can be an integral part of modern computer desks. Instead of just a table and a chair arrangement, this setup allows a higher degree of functionality, wherein everything in within easy reach and yet out of direct sight!

Sliding Minimalist Computer Desk

sliding minimalist computer desk


Sliding computer desks are a perfect investment if you are regularly looking to change the layout of your room. This is especially advantageous if you have a small room and will need to come up with changes to make room for different kinds of activities that take place. With the right type of lighting, these computer desks can provide you with the most convenient and favorable ergonomics.

Minimalist Office Computer Desk Design

minimalist office computer desk design


If you are looking to spruce up your personal office space, a minimalist desk design involves using one corner of the room to set up your computer. This is not only help maximize the free floor space but also allow you to go for other wall hanging ad corner cabinetry.

Home Office Minimalist Computer Desk

home office minimalist computer desk


When planning to integrate a professional looking home office space into your property, chose a room that gets enough day lighting and is rightly constructed to meet your need of floor space. Keep the permanent fixtures like the computer table and other desks to the corners and edges of the room.

Black Minimalist Computer Desk

black minimalist computer desk


Black is among the favorite colors when it comes to modern day computer desk systems. This is especially true if you are trying to design a home office or study space for young adults and teenagers. Lighting will be the key in making this space work-friendly.

Minimalist Multifunction Computer Desk

minimalist multifunction computer desk


A couple of chairs, adequate leg space and enough storage created by side and under-the-monitor cabinets have found place in a lot of offices today. Multifunction computer desk perfect meet our need of easy access and well provided desks.

Office Minimalist Computer Desk Design

office minimalist computer desk design


Minimalist Computer Wood Desk Design

minimalist computer wood desk design


Rustic Minimalist Computer Desk Design

rustic minimalist computer desk design


Wooden Minimalist Computer Desk Idea

wooden minimalist computer desk idea


Minimalist Computer Desk with Storage

trendy minimalist computer desk


Minimalist Oak Computer Desk

minimalist oak computer desk


Modular Minimalist Computer Desk Design

modular minimalist computer desk design


We hope you found the right computer desks for your personal office. The good thing is that modern designs come in a variety of concepts and feature several integrated functionalities. You can always check with your local dealer or online shops about the available setups.

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