It is not easy to get a new office space on a busy street especially when you have just started your own business. A wise alternative is to set up your office at home. There are numerous ideas to set up an office space at home. Why it is important? An office space has its own infrastructural requirements which make it more functional. These designs will help you create stylish yet practical and organised office spaces.

Traditional Home Office Designs

Traditional designs are also the timeless designs. A wall unit with shelves and closed cabinets to store books, files and important documents. Enough space to keep frames and some flowers to personalise the space. A central table with a pen holder and calendar on it and two chairs completes your office space.

Traditional Modular Home Office Design

traditional modular home office design

Design by Modular Home Builders Association

Traditional Small Home Office Idea

traditional small home office idea

Photo by Leslie Goodwin

Traditional Home Office Furniture

traditional home office furniture

Harrell Remodeling / Design + Build

Basement Home Office Design Ideas

Invest in wall and ceiling wood panelling to create an illusion. Even if you have checked your basement for leaks it is always advisable to invest in dehumidifier to keep you work files and documents safe. Use indoor plants to add colour and freshness to the look.

Small Basement Home Office Design

small basement home office design

Studio 4C Architects & Building Designers

Basement Home Office Lighting Idea

basement home office lighting idea

Home Office Interior Designs

If you work from home is it given that you will be spending hours in your office. Paint the walls and shelves in colours of your choice. Use comfortable seats to avoid backaches. Use your storage well and keep your desk clean. Use enough overhead and table lights to avoid dull corners. Keep some indoor plants on your desk to feel fresh.

Contemporary Home Office Interior Design

contemporary home office interior design

Kathy Daukant Interiors

Minimalist Home Office Interior Design

minimalist home office interior design

Eclectic Home Office Designs

Be creative with your home office space. Select things to sink-in your design as a part of it. Blue interiors with built in shelves can accommodate your contemporary white show pieces. You brass pieces can merge well with your hard bound book on the shelf.

Eclectic Home Office Furniture Design

eclectic home office furniture design

Eclectic Home Office with Bookshelves

eclectic home office with bookshelves

Photo by Beccy Smart

White Eclectic Home Office

whiite eclectic home office

Scandinavian Home Office Designs

Let the sunlight illuminate your office space through glass doors and windows. Use a simple freestanding table and a comfortable chair. Use an elegant wall paper to add texture to your room. A nice table lamp and a pen stand complete your Scandinavian home office design.

Small Scandinavian Home Office Design

small scandinavian home office design

Colorful Scandinavian Home Office

colorful scandinavian home office

KM Interior Designs

Black and White Home Office Designs

For some reason black and white always look classy. Clean white walls with black and white photo frames on them looks plush. Use black desk and classy white chair. A black and white rug adds to the look.

Traditional Black and White Home Office

traditional black and white home office

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc

Black and White Home Office Furniture

black and white home office furniture

W Design Interiors

Small Black and White Home Office

small black and white home office

Mid Century Home Office Designs

Add mid century furniture to your home office to get the feel. Decorate your walls with easily available mid century posters. Use inspired cabinets and consoles to add to the look.

Mid Century Modern Home Office

mid century modern home office

Missy Stewart Designs

Mid Century Home Office Furniture

mid century home office furniture

Photo by Fredric J. Ueckert

Contemporary Home Office Designs

Minimalistic look with furniture with cleans lines looks sleek and stylish too. A simple work desk with a table lamp and computer is enough. A sleek and comfortable chair merges well with the design.

Small Contemporary Home Office Design

small contemporary home office design

Contemporary Built In Home Office

contemporary built in home office

Celia Berliner Design, LLC

Victorian Home Office Designs

Use heavy carved and cushioned furniture for your office space. Do not hesitate to embellish your walls with Victorian paintings. You can also use chandeliers to add to the look.

Victorian Style Home Office Furniture

victorian style home office furniture

LMOH Interiors

Small Victorian Home Office Design

small victorian home office design

Wendt Design Group - Interior Design

Small Home Office Designs

If you live in a small house convert your study corner into your office space. A book shelf on the wall, a working desk with drawers to accommodate stationary and important files and a nice chair is all you need to set up your office. Use your desk as you want. A computer, one pen stand and some paper weights complete your work place.

Small Apartment Home Office Design

small apartment home office design

Design by IDAS architecture + Design

Small Home Office Interior Design

small home office interior design

Jennifer Pacca Interiors

Small Bedroom Home Office Design Idea

small bedroom home office design idea

Modern Home Office Designs

For a modern minimalistic design a freestanding desk with drawers and two chairs are enough. To increase storage space you can opt for open shelves along the wall length to arrange files and books. Closed overhead cabinets can help maintain the minimalistic look by keeping everything concealed.

Small Modern Home Office Design

small modern home office design

Neiman Taber Architects

Modern Home Office Desk Design

modern home office desk design

Ultra Modern Home Office Design

ultra modern home office design

Built In Home Office Designs

Convert your loft into your office space. Make built in glass or wooden shelves to store office files and books. Set up an office desk with cabinets and drawers to store loose papers and documents. Foot space in the desk can accommodate a small office dustbin. Proper lighting and a nice chair with backrest complete your built-in office space.

Built In Home Office Furniture Design

built in home office furniture design

Small Built In Home Office Design

small built in home office design

Design by Kitchens & Baths, Linda Burkhardt

Built In Wall Home Office Design

built in wall home office design

Design by Roberts Construction

Luxury Home Office Designs

If your business deals with finer things in life you would want your office space to define luxury. Opt for heavy wooden furniture with leather finish and a matching centre table. Textured walls with a side counter embellished with expensive art pieces and designer lamps add to the plush look.

Luxury Basement Home Office Design

luxury basement home office design

KGA Studio Architects

Luxury Modern Home Office Design

luxury modern home office design

Beach Style Home Office Designs

For a beach style home office you must strike out metal from your design. Use white or soft shades of blue for your walls. Use coral, shells and model ships to dress your desk and shelves. Paint your furniture white or blue. You can hang wheel of fortune or model ship anchors on your wall.

Beach Cottage Home Office Design

beach cottage home office design

Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

Masculine Home Office Designs

Give your home office a masculine look with built in black or grey coloured open shelves for books. Dress the central large shelf with picture frames and a contemporary table lamp. A sleek light wood table and comfortable straight back chairs look perfect. For a more relaxed look you can use bean bags or floor cushions instead or chairs.

Modern Masculine Home Office Design

modern masculine home office design

Traditional Masculine Home Office Design

traditional masculine home office design

Phoenix Design & Construction

Small Masculine Home Office

small masculine home office

Romanelli & Hughes Custom Home Builder

Gray Home Office Designs

Gray looks classy and is soft to eyes. Paint your office space with gray. Plan your shelves and paint them with the same shade of gray or paint it with ivory white. A neatly painted ivory white table with glass on top and a straight back cushioned chair completes the look. An ivory white short side counter takes care of storage. Use indoor plants to add colours to your gray and white office.

Dark Gray Home Office Design

dark gray home office design

Design by Metzger Real Estate Group

Yellow and Gray Home Office Design

yellow and gray home office design

Design by Brookfield Residential

Gray and White Home Office

gray and white home office

Photo by Lisa Petrole

Rustic Home Office Designs

Use your walls to make an elaborate book shelf. An old world wooden door adds to the look. A heavy work table with carved legs and metallic chairs looks amazing. Use a Persian carpet and old world metallic pendant lights to complete the rustic look.

Rustic Modern Home Office Design

rustic modern home office design

Design by Nance Construction

Rustic Home Office Furniture

rustic home office furniture

Design by John Lively & Associates

Rustic Chic Home Office

rustic chic home office

Farmhouse Home Office Designs

If you are remodelling your farm house to include an office space use built-in shelves for books and vases. Space below can be used for keeping files. A desk, chair and proper lighting are enough to complete the look.

Modern Farmhouse Home Office Design

modern farmhouse home office design

Blue Farmhouse Home Office Design

blue farmhouse home office design

Morris Cooper Design Inc

Vintage Home Office Designs

Check your store room for things which can be used for your office space. Use old cups and glass as a pen stand. Use your old study table with a drawer as your desk. Get your cane chair to your office and use your old serving stray to organise your loose papers.

Vintage Industrial Home Office Design

vintage industrial home office design

Photo by Lindsay von Hagel

Vintage Home Office Desk

vintage home office desk

Eminent Interior Design

Small Vintage Home Office Design

small vintage home office design

Calvert Design Studio

Nothing can improve your productivity better than working from home. It reduces the stress of travelling for hours to your office space and needless to mention the frequent distractions. But a well designed office apace is very important for you to work continuously. You home office space should be well lit to reduce stress on your eyes. It should have proper ventilation. Some indoor plants on your work desk only increase the freshness of interiors.

If you are the lucky one who can work from the comfort of your home than make sure you get the right environment to make the most of it. Use these design ideas to create a comfortable yet stylish work space for yourself at home which keeps you stress free and only adds to your efficiency.

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