When working from home, organizing the home office is very important. Things can get cluttered up if you don’t have proper organizers or shelves. Create your own workspace inside your homes with some of the most creative bookshelves designs. There are several easily installable and simple shelves that you can incorporate in your home office. You could also create your own bookshelves in order to save a lot of space and money.

Below is a list of awesome bookshelves designs selected exclusively for you.

Home Office Built In Bookshelves

home office built in bookshelves


These are built-in bookshelves in the side corner of the wall which are very large and accommodate several books, journals and the like. It has been painted in white and contains several sections where books have been neatly organized.

Home Office Wall Bookshelves

home office wall bookshelves


This home office features wall bookshelves painted in white that features four spacious vertical sections which then has a horizontal parting. The wall color is slightly in a grayish hue which contrasts beautifully with the white shelving.

Green Home Office Bookshelves

green home office bookshelves


This is a traditional home office featuring large spread bookshelves in bright yellow color. The bookshelves contain several bookcases which have been divided by the horizontal parting. The room features wooden floors and ceiling lights

Modern Home Office Bookshelves

modern home office bookshelves


This is a modern home office featuring simple yet functional bookshelves. The bookshelves are located at the corner of the room and right next to the white desk. This type of shelving is ideal for small rooms and confined spaces because corners do not take up much space.

White Home Office Bookshelves

white home office bookshelves


This is an all white home office featuring white bookshelves and has white floors, white walls, a white desk with drawers etc. The shelves are inbuilt in the walls and extend next to the desk till the floor. It has dual bookshelves both next to the desk and before.

Home Office Library Bookshelves

home office library bookshelves


This is a modern home office which has a library made in the bookshelves inside. The bookshelves are wall mounted and there are lights fixed under. The cabinetry style is modern and is in light wood which gives a nice bright look to the room.

Office Bookshelves With Drawers

office bookshelves with drawers


This is a very large traditional home office that features bookshelves along with drawers. It has a lighting under the bookcase which can also be called as shelf lighting. It is a traditional office with modernized décor that has wood stain and lighting.

Corner Home Office Shelves

corner home office shelves


This is a contemporary home office inside a residence and is located in the corner of the wall. The bookshelves are just halfway till the desk, which is perfect for a small home office with limited books, journals, CDs etc. You can also see Home Office Designs

Wooden Home Office Bookshelves

wooden home office bookshelves


This is a complete wooden home office with wooden bookshelves. This room consists of wooden décor from top to bottom including the walls, desks, ceiling etc. It is a traditional home office that looks like an attic.

Custom Home Office Bookshelves Idea

custom home office bookshelves idea


This is a traditional home with a custom bookshelves idea which is in white with books placed at the top and the other things are placed right below. The bookshelves are built in and are customized to be built as per convenience.

Small Home Office Bookshelves

small home office bookshelves

Design by Marie Newton, Closets Redefined

Classic Home Office Bookshelves Idea

classic home office bookshelves idea


Oak Wood Home Office Bookshelves

oak wood home office bookshelves

Design by Habitat Studio

Traditional Home Office Bookshelves

home office bookshelves furnished design

Design by Diane Bergeron Interiors

Home Office Bookshelves Furnished Design

hardwood home office book shelves


Hardwood Home Office Book Shelves

blue home office wall shelves


Blue Home Office Wall Shelves

gray home office bookshelves


Gray Home Office Bookshelves

one wall bookshelves idea


One Wall Bookshelves Idea

home office bookshelves lamp idea


Home Office Bookshelves Lamp Idea

Sarah Greenman

Building bookshelves inside a home office should be done by keeping in mind the comfort and convenience factor. The walls can be used to build bookshelves in the home office which is a great idea as it helps in saving of space. The above home office bookshelves designs are great as most of them are custom built and have been designed as per the requirement of the clients. You can draw inspiration from these designs and create your own masterpiece with the ideas.

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