Shelves are functional features that can also be decorative in purpose. Shelves are used in every room of the house, and one of the most commonly preferred designs is the floating wall shelf. This design is an ideal choice for small-spaced homes. By having floating shelves the floor space is free for other items or furnishings.

Floating Wooden Wall Shelf

Contemporary Decorative Wall Shelves

Molding Style Floating Wall Shelf


The minimalist approach is to incorporate a floating shelf that is elegant, simple and has easy maintenance. Avoid using annoying brackets that destroy the look and design of the wall. Additionally, floating shelves are more durable and last longer that bracket shelves because they are attached directly to the wall using high quality screws.

Wall Mounted Blue Color Shelves


Designed Wall Shelf For Kids Bedroom

Triangle Shaped Floating Wall Shelf


Dining Room With Mounted Wall Shelves

Square Shaped Floating Shelf


Modern Living Room Interior

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Unique Corner Wall Mount Shelf


Black Bathroom Shelves

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Rustic Wall Shelf With Key Holder


Split Style Floating Wall Shelf


Living room Shelves or bedroom Shelves, can be used for heavy items like decorative vases, baskets, glass sculptures and books. These shelves are great as storage and display options for kitchen utensils, plates and other kitchen or dining decorative items. Laundry materials – like detergent, bleach and fabric softeners – can be placed in shelves used in the laundry room. The bathroom shelf can look really well-organised with towels and other bathing essentials arranged in a neatly designed bathroom wall shelf.

Living Room Shelving Idea

Wood Wall Decor Idea

Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves

Green and Orange Shelving Idea

Family Room With Floating Book Shelves

Stone Shower Shelves For Bathroom

Triple Bamboo Wall Shelf


Wall shelves can be arranged in one horizontal line going across an entire wall. They can also be arranged in rows for those narrow spaces between entry points or corner spots inside the house – usually under the staircase or on either sides of a fireplace.

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