Shelves are functional features that can also be decorative in purpose. Shelves are used in every room of the house, and one of the most commonly preferred designs is the floating wall shelf. This design is an ideal choice for small-spaced homes. By having floating shelves the floor space is free for other items or furnishings.

Floating Wooden Wall Shelf

floating wooden wall shelf

Contemporary Decorative Wall Shelves

contemporary decorative wall shelf

Designed Wall Shelf For Kids Bedroom

kids bedroom wall shelf

Dining Room With Mounted Wall Shelves

dining room with wall shelves

Modern Living Room Interior

modern living room interior1

Photo By: Phillip Ennis Photography

Black Bathroom Shelves

black bathroom shelves

Photo By: Gordon King Photography

Living Room Shelving Idea

living room shelving idea

Wood Wall Decor Idea

wood wall decor idea

Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves

wall mounted kitchen shelves

Green and Orange Shelving Idea

green and orange shelving idea

Family Room With Floating Book Shelves

family room with floating book shelves

Stone Shower Shelves For Bathroom

stone shower shelves for bathroom

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