An empty wall looks boring. You can always spice things up with a painting but you can instead decide on a wall clock design. They are practical since they inform you about the time as well as stylish since they come in a great variety of designs and styles. Wall clocks come in many shapes. From round to abstract you can find everything you need in today’s collection of wall clock designs. So, let’s go! You may also see Pendulum Wall Clock Designs

Decorative Kitchen Wall Clock

decorative kitchen wall clock

Handmade Wall Clock Designs

Every handmade item has sophisticated and homey look that are perfect for every room inside a house. You can find incredible handmade wall clock designs to use for wall decorations. They are stylish, adding character and evoking pleasant feelings every time you need to check the time.

Handmade Wooden Wall Clock

handmade wooden wall clock

Rustic Wall Clocks

Rustic clocks have an old time feeling that looks perfect for vintage rooms. You can have a clock with wooden face and metallic numbers to create a strong combination. Use visible elements like grains or rust to add a natural look. Suitable for every space inside and outside the house.

Rustic Wood Wall Clock

rustic wood wall clock

Digital Wall Clock Designs

You can add a futuristic look in your room with a digital clock design. These wall clocks are perfect for those that can stand the classic tic-tac noise of an analogue clock. The digital clock design is suitable for modern rooms and especially for office and bedrooms.

Digital Painting Wall Clock

simple digital wall clock

Outdoor Wall Clocks

You can place a wall clock outdoors in order to decorate the exterior of your house or your garden. There are many different designs that come in various materials and offer high-quality clocks. The key for a great design is the clock’s resistance and endurance against all weather conditions.

Outdoor Garden Clock

outdoor garden wall clock

Sunburst Wall Clock Designs

Inspired from Alexander the Great, the sunburst wall clock designs have been a classic choice for many homeowners. The rays that move outwards from the clock’s center can vary in design, color combinations and style allowing you to find the perfect clock for your space. Choose a unique material for effect.

Contemporary Wall Clock Designs

Contemporary wall clocks have a great range of designs that will make choosing one a little difficult. Many designs have an abstract layout with various color combinations and multiple shapes while others aim for a strictly minimalist look to create a simple decoration for your wall. Suitable for modern homes.

Designer Kitchen Wall Clocks

Tea cups, plates, cutlery and even food designs feature in many designer kitchen wall clocks. These clocks offer for a unique and impressive look that will complete your kitchen and add some character. You can find them in stunning materials that can be applied in many kitchen styles.

Square Wall Clock Ideas

Square clocks are beautiful and have a strict look as opposed to the round clocks. You can style your wall with a large square clock design to add personality and to fill out the empty wall. These designs are suitable for living rooms and hallways creating startling focal points.

Black Square Wall Clock

black square wall clock

Kid’s Wall Clocks

Kids are attracted by bright and lively colors and shapes. Bring a fresh style to your kid’s room just by adding a colorful clock with unique design and impressive shapes. Inspired from cartoons, animals and nature you can find countless wall clocks with energetic looks that will make an impression. You may also see Unique Wall Clock Designs

Kid’s Bedroom Wall Clock

kids bedroom wall clock

Bathroom Wall Clocks

Bathroom walls are mostly left unadorned. However hanging a wall clock design will give an instant uplift to the bathroom’s look while informing you about the time. You can attain a specific look just by choosing the correct wall clock design that will complete your bathroom.

Decorative Bathroom Wall Clock

decorative bathroom wall clock

Neon Wall Clock Designs

Neon colors are fun and draw their inspiration from futuristic themes. Neon wall clock designs are suitable for kids’ and teenagers’ rooms. They have bright colors and stunning designs that add a pop of color during the day and night time. These clocks vary from analog to digital designs.

Large Wall Clock Ideas

A large wall clock takes up a lot of the wall’s surface while providing you with a focal point. Suitable for every room, your can style the boring and empty walls of spaces like the stairs, the entrance or the hallway. Find them in many designs with unique mechanisms.

Large Round Wall Clock Design

large round wall clock design

Living Room Wall Clocks

From antiques to eccentric and from modern to romantic Victorian you can find many different wall clock designs to decorate your living room. Choose the clock following the same color scheme or the same style as the rest of the room. This will be a quite appealing accessory.

Modern Living Room Wall Clock

modern living room wall clock

Round Wall Clocks

Round clocks have a soft look that adds warmth on a wall. Choose a round clock with ornate elements for the face and the clock’s indicators. You can also add a pop of color just by choosing a design in a colorful version.

Round Wooden Wall Clock

round wooden wall clock

Minimalist Wall Clock Designs

Less is more with a minimalist wall clock design. Their modern look makes them ideal for every room. You can find them in many different materials and designs though the most common one is the round clock.

Modern Minimalist Wall Clock

modern minimalist wall clock

Industrial Wall Clocks

Visible mechanisms offer a great industrial style for wall clock designs. You can find these clocks in a variety of shapes, colors and looks while the most common materials are metal and wood. Add a touch of mystique quality with an industrial clock design for your wall. You may also see Industrial Wall Clock Designs

Industrial Cog Wall Clock

industrial cog wall clock

Office Wall Clock Ideas

An impressive design on your wall will make your clients admire you for your taste in décor. An office wall clock has to look amazing. However, you have to be careful with the noise it might produce. In most cases, a loud noise is sure to distract your focus.

Decorative Wall Clocks

Decorative clocks aim for a higher aesthetic outcome. In a multitude of designs with different styles and materials to choose from, you can sure find the right one for your home. Many wall clock designs have extraordinary elements like metal syntheses with crystals stones that create glamorous and luxurious items.

Decorative Metal Wall Clock

decorative metal wall clock

Musical Wall Clock Designs

Inspired by the art of music, there are many wall clock designs that are suitable for every house. Their designs can vary in shape, materials and layouts giving you amazing decorative accessories. From notes to music instruments you can choose the right fit for your home. You may also see Starburst Wall Clock Designs

Musical Note Wall Clock Design

musical note wall clock design

Antique Wall Clocks

Antique clocks are the classic designs of all clocks. With pendulum mechanism that will look enchanting to everyone, you can bring an all time classic feeling in your living room or your dining room, adding a touch of classic elegance.

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