Trying to find the perfect wall clock to match your interior décor? Well, these timepieces are available in a variety of designs, themes, materials and styles. A wall clock is perhaps one of the earliest functional additions to our homes and even today, they help us maintain the schedule – wake up in time and go through the set routine. Here’s a collection of some of the most amazing wall clock designs from across the globe. Let’s see if they match your interiors!

Funky Wall Clock

funky wall clocks

We would have never imagined a wall clock integrated into the wall! In this case, the clock is all about the needles, fixed to one point in the wall. For the exact time, you have the hours painted directly onto the wall! This is something really unique to have in your modern living room or your kid’s bedroom.

Antique Wall Clock

antique wall clocks

Antique wall clock designs can never really get old for any kind of living room. In this case, the timepiece comes in the form of a big wheel and the hours are in Roman numerical. Perfect as a standalone installation on a white wall, it will be the highlight of the room.

Metal Wall Clock

metal wall clocks

Metal wall clocks too have an old world charm to them. They look heavy but can come in amazingly lightweight materials. Again, the bigger the timepiece, the more space it will demand. Here, the clock is a standalone installation in the whole wall and looks unique. You can also see Starburst Wall Clock Designs

Unique large Wall Clock

unique large wall clocks

Design by :Jana Happel Interior Design

The moment you enter this room, the clock will be the first thing you notice! This big wall clock comes in a unique minimalistic form, with just the circular clock boundary and the needles. Put over the head stand, they are both functional and add to the personality of the room.

Wooden Wall Clock

wooden butterfly wall clock

Wooden wall clocks bring in that rusty appeal that several homeowners across the globe crave for. While most of us cannot afford to have a completely rustic design theme, a wooden wall clock can somehow meet the necessity. Also, it easily becomes the central piece of installation in the room and gives a unique personality to the space.

Unique Digital Wall Clock

unique digital wall clocks

If you have been looking for an ultra modern wall clock, there are several options to choose from. Digital wall clocks look cool and come in unique shapes and sizes and can be a perfect way to beef up the space. In this example, the whole décor of the room follows an electric theme, rightly led by the blue digital clock.

Gray Kitchen Wall Clock

grey color wall clocks

This will be a perfect choice if you have a largely subdued interior design. Standing in contrast to a dark themed wall, the clock will easily become the prominent installation in the room, and thereby the most functional too.

Unique Mechanical Wall Clock

unique mechanical wall clocks

Set in Roman numerical, this is another big design for a wall clock. This clock is particularly fit for the symmetrical layout shown in this example. Time being the centerpiece of your living; this is a good choice for both offices and personal spaces.

Vintage Wall Clock Idea

vintage wall clock idea

The good old simple wall clocks in rectangular frame – they look unique and don’t demand too much of an investment. Depending on where you choose to put them, these vintage clocks can add a lot of personality to the room.

Unique Pendulum Wall Clock

unique pendulum wall clocks

Pendulum wall clocks of the past have become a rare thing nowadays. After all, who in the modern world wants to know the every passing of an hour with loud music! Well, here we have a futuristic alternative for the same design.

Traditional Wall Clock

traditional wall clock

 Mirror Wall Clock Idea

mirror wall clock idea

Modern Black Wall Clock

modern wall clock numbers

Green Wall Clock Idea

green wall clock idea

Unique Mirror Wall Clock Idea

unique mirror wall clock idea

Antique Metal Wall Clock

antique metal wall clocks

Design by : ARCHIA HOMES

Blue Wall Clock Idea

blue wall clock numbers

We hope you have found yourself a unique wall clock design! We would also like you to share if you come across something unique of a wall clock.

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