Stones have been used as construction materials since thousands of years ago. They are durable and can withstand all weather conditions. Because stone walls are long lasting and have striking and trendy appeal, many interior designers and homeowners are choosing them as indoor materials as well.

Modern Stone Wall Design Bedroom

modern stone wall design bedroom

Home Office Wall With Fireplace

home office wall with fireplace

Design By: Bess Jones Interiors

Elegant Stone Wall Bedroom

elegant stone wall bedroom

In the old days, exposed stones were not an option for an indoor interior design. Concrete walls needed to be finished as smoothly as possible to achieve that clean look. Today though, more and more people are fascinated with the exposed stone appeal.

Mediterranean Decorative Stone Wall

mediterranean decorative stone wall

Living Room Wall Design Idea

living room wall design idea

Textured Stone Wall For Fireplace

textured stone wall for fireplace

Entryway Stone Interior Walls

entryway stone interior walls

Simple Block Retaining Wall

simple bloack retaining wall

Black Grey Slate Wall Design

black grey slate wall design

Antique Pebble Wall Design Idea

antique pebble wall design idea

Staircase Wall Decorating Idea

staircase wall decorating idea

Transitional Bedroom Wall Design

transitional bedroom wall design1

Kitchen Stone Wall

kitchen stone wall

Photo By: Peter Hughes Photography

Stacked Stone Bathroom Wall

stacked stone bathroom wall

These people are letting the stones provide their homes with that natural beauty that used to be admired only from the outside.Stone walls are very common now. Stones are natural products. They have unique texture and special colour that have been enhanced through years and years of geological processes.

Dining Room With Natural Stone Wall

dining room with natural stone wall

Rustic Stone Wall Master Bathroom

rustic stone wall master bathroom

Beach Style Living Room Wall Idea

beachstyle living room wall idea

Rock Wall In Dining Room

rock wall in dining room

Stone Walled Mediterranean Kitchen

stone walled mediterranean kitchen

Concrete Stone Wall Design

concrete stone wall design

Today, there are decorative stones that you can use if you want a home interior that displays enticing and enchanting stone wall design. If you want to be truly unique, you can have one wall in each room of your home accented with stones of different forms and sizes. With one stone wall amid the plain walls with clean lines, you can surely achieve an interior that you can proudly show off for many years to come.

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