Kitchen walls or backsplash are not just for protection from spillage and splatter on the wall tile, they are in fact now a means to beautify the kitchen. There are a large number of kitchen wall tile designs to suit every kind of kitchen. Ranging from mosaic tile backsplash to the minimalist ones, there are several design possibilities that are crafted to match the requirement of each type of kitchen. Below is a list of some of the amazing kitchen wall tile designs as follows:

Black Kitchen Wall Tile Design

black kitchen wall tile design

Design by Drury Design

This is a black kitchen which has a glossy gray backsplash in a mini tile pattern. The color combinations used in this black kitchen perfectly match the darkness and also add equal amount of brightness. The white cabinets that are right below the gray backsplash ensure that the kitchen has enough light.

Modern Kitchen Wall Tile

modern kitchen wall tile

This modern kitchen features blue wall tile that matches extremely well with the kitchen style and décor. The whole kitchen has a blue wall paint that also has been incorporated for the backsplash. It is a traditional kitchen which features modern design wall tile.

Ceramic Kitchen Wall Tile

ceramic kitchen wall tile

This is an urban rustic kitchen featuring matte black cabinetry and wooden vanity that has a black countertop. The tile backsplash of this kitchen is pretty unique and interesting which is a textured one and is in colors beige and white. Since it is a rustic kitchen the colors of the backsplash are very well justified. You ca also see Kitchen Wall Art Designs

Kitchen Backsplash Wall Tile

kitchen backsplash wall tile

This is a beautiful contemporary kitchen which is also transitional and featuring minimalist décor. Since the primary color used in contemporary décor is white, a multi-colored backsplash works very well in the same. This transitional kitchen features a matchstick tile backsplash in an all white kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Grey Kitchen Wall Tile Idea

grey kitchen wall tile idea

This is a contemporary kitchen with a gray color scheme. It includes two hues of gray, both light and dark which have been incorporated pretty well. The tile backsplash in a darker shade of gray compliments the kitchen décor in a beautiful way.

Kitchen Wall Mosaic Tile

kitchen wall mosaic tile

This contemporary kitchen features a flashy red wall mosaic backsplash which is also said to be a Mexican style backsplash. The kitchen features a wooden vanity with a granite countertop with pendant lights, basically a minimalist décor so the pop of red backsplash is the major highlight.

Diy Kitchen Wall Tile Design

diy kitchen wall tile design

This contemporary kitchen has a theme of chic meets whimsy and is an all white kitchen with hues of black and gray. The black cabinets that sit just above the stove are purely sophisticated.

Rustic Wall Tile Kitchen

rustic wall tile kitchen

This is a rustic kitchen featuring lovely wooden interiors and mixed subway tile backsplash in rustic colors. The kitchen is built in a cottage style house which has a sloped ceiling and is purely rustic.

Accent Kitchen Wall Tile

accent kitchen wall tile

This contemporary kitchen is designed with accents that range from wooden to glass to glossy decor. It features a white tile backsplash with a center black border and beige detailing within. It creates a vibrant accent hence the wall tile is complementing against wooden cabinets

Kitchen Wall Tile

stone kitchen wall tile

This awesome contemporary kitchen features multicolored stone tile backsplash and it has a rustic finish adding a lot of warmth and intensity to the kitchen space. The lighting and cabinetry match well with the backsplash of the kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Tile Design

kitchen wall tile design

Kitchen Stone Wall Tile Design

kitchen stone wall tile design

Design by Lori Gilder

White Kitchen Wall Tile Design

white kitchen wall tile design

Blue Modern Kitchen Wall Tile

blue modern kitchen wall tile

Design by Donna Griffith

Country Kitchen Accent Wall Tile

country kitchen accent wall tile

Transitional Kitchen Wall Tile

transitional kitchen wall tile

Design by Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath

Navy Blue Kitchen Wall Tile

navy blue kitchen wall tile

Gray Mosaic Kitchen Wall Tile

gray mosaic kitchen wall tile

A kitchen backsplash is a great way to adorn your kitchen space, moreover, it also serves the purpose of protecting your kitchen from spills. Nowadays there are several kinds of wall tile designs to be used for a kitchen backsplash. We have collected some of the designs above for you!

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