Kitchen sideboards have many uses and they come in different sizes and designs. They can be used as buffet display and storage system. Choosing your kitchen sideboard design should be based on what you need it for. Some people go for sideboards if they want a modern kitchen cabinet without having to use a built in cabinet. There are sideboards that are used as extensions to the sink, while others are designed to provide platforms for ornamental displays.

Small Kitchen Sideboard Design

small kitchen sideboard design

This small kitchen sideboard provides this space with an antique cabinet that is used to display valuable chinaware. The unpolished wood look provides a rustic appeal into this traditional small kitchen. The result is a kitchen with items that bring back the old house feel.

White Kitchen Sideboard

white kitchen sideboard

The crispiness of white is played into this dining/ kitchen area to perfection. The white kitchen area, white ceiling and wall are matched by the white kitchen sideboard that houses fine dining ware collection. The polished wood floor provides elegant contrast into the immaculate background.You can also see Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Oak Kitchen Sideboard

oak kitchen sideboard

This oak kitchen sideboard is designed to match the cooking and sink features. The beauty and elegance of oak is played up perfectly and it results in a neat and clean display and storage system. You can also see Asian Inspired Kitchen Designs

Vintage Kitchen Sideboard Idea

vintage kitchen sideboard idea

If you want to go for the vintage look, this sideboard could be of interest to you. It has a vintage design that having it in the kitchen is like being in a place where your grandmother used to prepare and cook meals.

Black Kitchen Sideboard

black kitchen sideboard

The black look is definitely in trend. This ultra modern kitchen is designed with matte black finished cabinetry that give that space a kind of elegance that only black can bring.

Country Kitchen Sideboard

country kitchen sideboard

Design by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd

Not many people go for tall kitchen sideboards or cabinets. If height is not much of your concern, you should check out this low country kitchen sideboard. The beach and oak sideboard provide an interesting contrast to the black sink and cooking units.

Antique Kitchen Sideboard

antique kitchen sideboard

This antique kitchen sideboard is the ideal extension feature for the sink unit. It provides the kitchen with old home traditional ambiance, which results in a space that creates a wonderfully nostalgic feel. The sideboard provides effective storage and display features, without ignoring the beauty of the antique.

Wooden Kitchen Sideboard

wooden kitchen sideboard

The white wooden sideboard used for this kitchen looks extremely nice.  It stands amidst the modern kitchen featuring polished black sink unit and ultra-modern cooking/oven unit. The sideboard is rustic in appeal and it adds a nice and creative contrast into the whole set up.

Kitchen Sideboard With Shelves

kitchen sideboard with shelves

Having a kitchen sideboard with shelves allows you to have a multi functional kitchen feature. This sideboard, for instance, adds a unique appeal to this modern designed space. The design allows for ornaments to be displayed in floating shelves that serve as a point of interest.

Kitchen Sideboard With Marble Top

kitchen sideboard with marble top

Design by Liz Schupanitz Designs

This marble topped kitchen sideboard looks so simple. The elegance of simplicity is very much evident in the choice of design. The white cabinetry features, give the room an atmosphere of cleanliness and efficiency.

Tiny Kitchen Sideboard Design

tiny kitchen sideboard design

Farmhouse Kitchen Sideboard Idea

farmhouse kitchen sideboard idea

Narrow Kitchen Sideboard Idea

narrow kitchen sideboard idea

White Kitchen Sideboard Idea

white kitchen sideboard idea

Rustic Kitchen Sideboard Idea

rustic kitchen sideboard idea

Craftsman Kitchen Sideboard Idea

craftsman kitchen sideboard idea

Classic Kitchen Sideboard Idea

classic kitchen sideboard idea

Many people know how important it is to have a sideboard in the kitchen. Though sink units do come with cabinetry, having a sideboard provides additional storage spaces. Some kitchen sideboards are low in design and they are ideal for big spaces. If you have a limited space, you should go for tall kitchen sideboard.

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