Travertine is a kind of limestone that is formed by geothermal springs. This material has a fibrous appearance that comes in cream earthy color tones. It’s used as building material as well as a decorative one for floor and wall tiles. Travertine can also be used in your kitchen in all forms and styles giving character and elegance. Today we picked out ten travertine kitchen tiles ideas to help you choose the best for you. You may also See Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Travertine Kitchen Floor Idea

Use travertine as a match to an accented stone wall. Like this traditional kitchen the tan and cream colors of the floor tiles mach the kitchen furniture without breaking the color scheme.

travertine kitchen floor idea

Kitchen Travertine Stone Floor

Stone floors of travertine are a great choice for both spacious and small rooms. It gives you a sophisticated and elegant look that will make your kitchen your favorite place.

kitchen travertine stone floor

Travertine Marble Kitchen Idea

Use large square tiles to form a polished look for your kitchen. You can warm up the coldness of the grey color with natural wood colors or a warm toned carpet.

travertine marble kitchen idea

Tumbled Travertine Kitchen Design

In case you have a black and white kitchen, you should consider travertine tiles for the floor to balance out the coloring. You can also accessorize with rust colored kitchenware to match the floor tiles.

tumbled travertine kitchen design1

Red Travertine Wall Kitchen Design

Create a strong antithesis in your kitchen by using bright colors. The red backsplash tiles of this contemporary kitchen are the main focus while the silver colored travertine floor tiles create a sort of canvas for the bold color. You may also See Kitchen Floor Designs

red travertine wall kitchen design

Travertine Kitchen Countertop Idea

For this polished travertine kitchen idea both the cabinet’s countertops and the island are covered with travertine. The look gets complete by using neutral colored backsplash for the walls.

travertine kitchen countertop idea

Kitchen Travertine Mosaic Idea

You can create a mosaic effect with travertine tiles. The colors and the sizes of the tiles can give an interesting character to your kitchen. Because of the colors of travertine natural stone tiles it will give a luxurious look in your space.

kitchen travertine mosaic idea

Travertine Kitchen Backsplash Idea

For a traditional style you can use travertine brick tiles for your kitchen’s backsplash. The natural look of the material will give a homey look in your kitchen.

travertine kitchen backsplash idea

Design by : Lang's Kitchen & Bath

Honed Travertine Kitchen Design

This contemporary styled kitchen incorporated travertine tiles in the same color scheme of the room. The colors and the strong look of the backsplash create an elegant approach.

honed travertine kitchen design

Travertine Kitchen Wall Tiles

travertine kitchen wall tiles

Travertine is a beautiful but demanding material. In order to clean and maintain it, you need to avoid general house cleaning products and invest into stone friendly cleansers. Also in travertine floor tiles, because of their fibrous consistency, acidic fluids are their enemy. You have to clean any spills as soon as they occur in order to prevent the pores to soak the fluids. You may also See Tile Flooring Designs

In case you chose travertine tiles for your kitchen, you have to consider the maintenance and care they require. This natural stone material is perfect for remodeling your kitchen. It can be considered for any style and color combination you might choose for your kitchen, giving a really enchanting outcome.

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