When you think of a personalized kitchen, the cabinets in the kitchen are the first thing that comes to your mind. The Brown Kitchen Cabinet ideas go well with the kitchens of almost every household. However, according to the right contrast with the walls, furniture and floors, you need to incorporate the perfect shade of brown in the cabinets. This will make the cabinets classy, creating the right ambiance in the kitchen. Here you will find ten absorbing brown kitchen cabinet ideas that will live up to your taste.

Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets

dark brown kitchen cabinets


When you crave for a classy look for the kitchen-cum dining space, install the cabinets on the upper part of the horizontal wall, close to the ceiling. This combination involves the combination of a dark cabinet and a lighter floor. Get some tall steel chairs for sitting at the high table.

Light Brown Kitchen Cabinets

light brown kitchen cabinets

Design by : Lifeseven Photography

When you want a luxurious kitchen, get the cabinets painted in a lighter shade of brown. Install the cabinets along three sides of the floor. The white walls with a blue tinge perfectly matches the kitchen.

Tall Brown Kitchen Cabinets

tall brown kitchen cabinets


This is one of the best Brown kitchen ideas, where you can glorify the looks of the spacious kitchen with tall, dark brown cabinets. Place these along the wall, beside each other. Pave the floor with light brown Baltic granite and paint the cabinets in cherry color.

Antique Kitchen Cabinets

antique kitchen cabinet


If you are a lover of antiquity, you will love these cherry colored cabinets. Place the cabinets perfectly for the right space-management. On the front, place them all along the floor. On the right side of the passage, get the tall ones, from the floor to ceiling. On the other sides, get the cabinets placed near the floor as well as the ceiling.

Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

dark wood kitchen cabinets


You may find this concept ideal for the modern open-concept kitchen, with dark brown cabinets and stainless steel countertops. Paint the walls in a lighter shade and arrange wire chairs at the table for a sitting arrangement. Complement the setting with matching brown floors.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

oak kitchen cabinets


Oak wood has an inherent royal charm. Install wall cabinets and floor cabinets in the kitchen to yield the inherent beauty of the wood. A light yellow wall with porcelain sink will suit the setting perfectly well. Black countertops with the oak cabinets will be the perfect match.

Chocolate Brown Kitchen Cabinets

chocolate brown kitchen cabinets


Chocolate brown cabinets are really fantastic with rooms with off-white walls. Install a marble countertop, lighter in shade between the floor and ceiling cabinets. Place the accessories between these two cabinets to ensure optimum utility of space. To make the setting more tailored, use exactly the same chocolate paint for the chairs.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

maple kitchen cabinets1


The diy kitchen cabinets are really classy and when you use maple wood for the cabinets, you get the true essence of the luxurious kitchen. Incorporate the raised cabinet idea and pave the floor with mini subway tiles. Get a black countertop for the dining table and the cabinets.

White and Brown Kitchen Cabinets

white and brown kitchen cabinets


When you have a frosted glass dining table, use dark brown paint to paint the cabinets. This setting matches with rooms having one side facing the exterior, with a large window with thin wooden frame, painted in white. use the same colour for the floor.

Brown Kitchen Cupboards

brown kitchen cupboards


If you like the beautiful magna gold shade of granite to be placed as a countertop, you can make the cabinets equally classy. Get the tall wall cabinets placed along one of the walls. A stainless, shiny steel cupboard in the middle will make the look complete.

Brown Wood Kitchen Flooring Idea

brown wood kitchen flooring idea


Light Wood Brown Kitchen Idea

light wood brown kitchen idea


Chocolate Wood Brown Kitchen

white floor with chocolate brown kitchen


Black and Brown Kitchen Idea

black and brown kitchen idea


Traditional Brown Kitchen Idea

traditional brown kitchen idea


Brown Kitchen with Chandelier Idea

brown kitchen with chandelier idea

Design by : Dzignit, Patrice Greene

Brown Kitchen Tile Backsplash Idea

modern chocolate brown kitchen idea

Design by : Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets

contemporary brown kitchen with white dining


Dark Wood Brown Kitchen

dark brown kitchen with blue chandelier


Hardwood Brown Kitchen Design

dark brown kitchen with floor


The brown color itself conveys the classic furniture-like essence, and all you need to so is to get the right color combinations incorporated to perfection. There are different levels of burnishes to apply, in order to retain the right degree of shine. After all, you may have some of your own ideas, and you are welcome to share them with us.

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