A sophisticated kitchen interior is desired by all, and people from all over the world experiment with cabinet designs in their kitchens. Of the various styles of cabinets that you can incorporate in your kitchen, vintage kitchen cabinets look the grandest. They expose your taste and status, and you can place the cabinets in specific areas in the kitchen. For instance, a corner cabinet makes the kitchen compact and beautiful. Here are ten classy vintage kitchen cabinet design ideas that you will find elegant.

White Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

white vintage kitchen cabinets


White kitchen cabinets are popular among people with an inclination towards bright interiors. The white kitchen cabinet with knobs and pulls go well with the wooden floor of the room. Opt for a contrasting shade of brown for the wooden ceiling.

Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets

vintage metal kitchen cabinets


Metal cabinets are rich in elegance. You can incorporate these cabinets in a modern kitchen with a bright interior and light-colored walls. The cream color of the walls have been used in the cabinet-tops. The metal backsplash in the room looks contrasting with the setting.

Vintage Wood Kitchen Cabinets

vintage wood kitchen cabinets


Wooden cabinets are inherent with a royal touch. When you desire a vintage styled cabinet, you can simply opt for the wooden designs, and the reddish-brown lower part of the cabinet looks contrasting with the brighter shade of brown used in the top. There are log walls in the room, creating a great compatibility with the setting. You can hand the utensils from the ceiling in this kitchen.

Antique Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

antique vintage kitchen cabinets


People having a knack for antiquity crave for old-kitchen designs, and a white background is ideal for the room. Accordingly, you need to get a white low cabinet for the room. Use white subway tiles for the walls and get a white-topped table in the center. The wall cabinet above the lower one has glass doors, and it looks great with the thin white frames.

Vintage Steel Kitchen Cabinets

vintage steel kitchen cabinets


You can even deliver a vintage look to a modern kitchen when you get in touch with polished steel cabinets in the room. These are ideal for commercial kitchens and when you get in touch with a Modern Kitchen Cabinet, you can opt for a pinewood floor.

Vintage Kitchen Wall Cabinets

vintage kitchen wall cabinets


Wall cabinets look great when you strike the right color combination. There are two lines of cabinets in the kitchen, one along the floor and the other on the wall, just above it. The cream and grey color combination is ideal for the room. Get a linoleum flooring and white appliances for the room.

Black Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

black vintage kitchen cabinets


When you happen to seek a refined look in the kitchen, you can opt for Black Kitchen Cabinets along the sides of the floor. There are a few open cabinets on the wall as well. You need to get a black kitchen island to strike the best color combination. Brown flooring yields the perfect beauty for the kitchen.

Vintage Country Kitchen Cabinets

vintage country kitchen cabinets


Country kitchens are enriched with grand interiors. When you have wooden floors in the kitchen, use a darker shade of brown for the polished furniture in the room. There are white cabinets along the walls, and cherry colored cabinets along with the table in the center. Fix small pendant lights in the white ceiling to get a perfect look.

Vintage Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets

vintage glass door kitchen cabinets


Glass brings a crystalline ambiance in your kitchen. Incorporate the glass doors for dark colored cabinets, preferably with polished wooden ones. It has great compatibility with melamine doors and marina grey countertops in the kitchen. The glass doors complement the frosted glass lens in the skylight.

Vintage Enamel Kitchen Cabinets

vintage enamel kitchen cabinets


A vintage look often goes well with a modern kitchen. The white appliances are perfect for the white-themed kitchen with tile backsplash. The light blue kitchen cabinets look sophisticated and you will get utmost compatibility from white-blue contrast in the modern kitchen.

Trendy Vintage Kitchen Cabinet

trendy vintage kitchen cabinet


Attractive Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Idea

attractive vintage kitchen cabinet idea


Unique Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Idea

unique vintage kitchen cabinet idea


Classic Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Design

classic vintage kitchen cabinet design


Vintage Kitchen Cabinet with Wall Design

vintage kitchen cabinet with wall design


Vintage Kitchen Green Cabinet

vintage kitchen green cabinet


Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Design

vintage kitchen cabinet design


You may have noted that modern kitchen cabinet styles and colors are evolving. People are experimenting with white kitchen cabinets and black kitchen cabinets, apart from the traditional steel and blue ones. You can innovate your own ideas when you look out for tailored vintage kitchen cabinets, and you can share your ideas with us, if any.

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