Kitchen designs vary in many levels. From floor to ceiling every little detail contributes to the kitchen’s style while they synthesize a complete look. That’s how backsplash works. Apart from protecting your kitchen walls, it provides you an easy to clean and maintain option allowing you to keep your space clean and stylish. For this post we scoured the web and collected kitchen backsplash ideas and we’re presenting them to you with the following guide. You may also see Best Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

A backsplash design can augment the style levels. The available designs come in many different materials like ceramic tiles, marble and granite. You can decide on a simple monochrome design or for a colorful one to bring in some color.

Kitchen Mosaic Tile Backsplash

kitchen mosaic tile backsplash

Kitchen Subway Tile Backsplash

kitchen subway tile backsplash

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Designs

From subway tiles to mosaic designs, there is a great selection of backsplash options for kitchens. You need a minimalist design that will enhance the modern style of your kitchen or you can keep the decorative elements to low levels. You may also see Kitchen Wall Tile Designs

Modern White Kitchen Backsplash

modern white kitchen backsplash

Modern Glass Kitchen Backsplash

modern glass kitchen backsplash

Stone Kitchen Backsplash

Whether you choose travertine, limestone or gauged slate the end result is going to be spectacular. Stone is a versatile material that can give you multiple choices for backsplash designs. Choose the one for your kitchen following the same color scheme.

Faux Stone Kitchen Backsplash

faux stone kitchen backsplash

Stacked Stone Kitchen Backsplash

stacked stone kitchen backsplash

Rustic Kitchen Backsplash

Rough surfaces are the key for a rustic backsplash design. You can achieve that with stone tiles or with 3D tile designs. The design is going to look even better with recessed lighting placed right under the upper cabinets.

Rustic Brick Kitchen Backsplash

rustic brick kitchen backsplash

Rustic Kitchen Tile Backsplash

rustic kitchen tile backsplash

Country Kitchen Backsplash

Country style backsplash can be similar to rustic and farmhouse styles. You can have a soft colored design with matte finish or you can choose a sleek design in stark white that will reflect the light creating a brighter kitchen.

French Country Kitchen Backsplash

french country kitchen backsplash

Country Cottage Kitchen Backsplash

country cottage kitchen backsplash

DIY Kitchen Backsplash

With the right tools, you can make your own backsplash. You have countless options in designs and color combinations that either will give you decorative assistance or texture. Make sure that you take careful measurements for accurate and excellent results.

Colorful DIY Kitchen Backsplash

colorful diy kitchen backsplash

RG Design

Kitchen Counter Backsplash Ideas

You can always choose to match the backsplash with your countertops. The variety of designs in materials and color combinations can give you similar or matching designs with your kitchen counters. This will give an even look to the kitchen.

Kitchen Counter Tile Backsplash

kitchen counter tile backsplash

Kitchen Counter Glass Backsplash

kitchen counter glass backsplash

Contemporary Kitchen Backsplash

The contemporary style allows you to experiment with creative and abstract designs. You can use a marble design for a luxurious and glamorous look or you can choose a mosaic one for extra style. These designs will bring personality.

Contemporary Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

contemporary mosaic kitchen backsplash

Colorful Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen has to be pleasant and full of light. Add some color and you will have the perfect combination for a beautiful kitchen. Colorful backsplash can have multiple colors as well as decorative elements for a fun room.

Colorful Apartment Kitchen Backsplash

colorful apartment kitchen backsplash

Small Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Smaller sized tiles can give the illusion of a larger space, making them ideal for small kitchens. Let the backsplash do all the talking regarding the kitchen’s style, adding color and beautiful decorative designs making it a stylish focal point.

Small Stone Kitchen Backsplash

small stone kitchen backsplash

Black and White Kitchen Backsplash

Black and white designs are always a classic option. Many homeowners prefer it because it adds a stylish tone that instantly transforms the kitchen. You can choose among a vast range of designs, textures and materials for a stunning backsplash.

Black and White Tile Kitchen Backsplash

black and white tile kitchen backsplash

Metal Kitchen Backsplash

From tin to stainless steel, you have a great variety of backsplash options to use in your kitchen. The metallic look is suitable for every style while it creates a strong focal point that is hard for anyone to miss.

Simple Metal Kitchen Backsplash

simple metal kitchen backsplash

Vintage Kitchen Backsplash

You can go for a soft color pallet in backsplash tiles or you can choose a more elaborate design for a mix and match style. Vintage is all about creativity with a dose of classic and elegant design in kitchens.

Vintage Kitchen Tile Backsplash

vintage kitchen tile backsplash

Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash

Just because it is outdoors, doesn’t mean that your kitchen has to lack in style. Choose a unique design that will make everyone stop and admire it. You can choose earthy color tones or you can go for vibrant ones.

Outdoor Kitchen Marble Backsplash

outdoor kitchen marble backsplash

Tuscan Kitchen Backsplash

Tuscan backsplash often has a strong decorative design that adds elegance and subtle glamor in kitchens. You can find a design that matches your kitchen’s style while bringing an artistic design to inspire your fantasy while cooking delicious dishes.

Tuscan Kitchen Tile Backsplash

tuscan kitchen tile backsplash

Before you choose a backsplash design you have to visualize it first. Pay attention to the details and the decorative options that a design will provide you with. If it is for a remodel you have to find a design that will fit the rest of the space adding personality.

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