If you think of a personalised kitchen, there are several ways to deliver a cool interior look to it. Whether you design a new kitchen or opt for a remodelled one, kitchen tiles have the ability to gift your kitchen an elegant look. If you are really passionate about housing, you must be looking out for new trends of designing your kitchen with tiles. You may also see Kitchen Wall Tile Designs

You can incorporate mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and other variations of tiles in the kitchen. From floor to ceiling, tiles can deliver a refined look to your kitchen. Even the backsplashes can be remodelled using innovative tile designs. Here are ten sophisticated kitchen tile ideas that you can consider while designing your kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Backsplash tiles in your kitchen can really deliver a cultured look to your home. Use White subway tiles for the kitchen backsplashes If you have a bright wall paint. You can also use brown or grey tiles to create a patchwork on the walls. Make sure that the tiles enjoy a good compatibility with the floor colour. You may also see Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Blue Kitchen Backsplash Tile

blue kitchen backsplash tile

Photo by Paul Dyer

Kitchen Mosaic Tile Backsplash

kitchen mosaic tile backsplash1


Modern Kitchen Tile Design Idea

You can be experimental and creative with the tile design ideas in your kitchen. For instance, you can create floral patterns using grey and white tiles in the backsplash. Use a different deign with the same colour combination on the floor. You can break the monotony by using dark coloured ceiling tiles in the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Subway Tile

modern kitchen subway tile


Modern Kitchen Dimensional Tile

modern kitchen dimensional tile


Small Kitchen Tile Designs

If you want to try out new kitchen designing ideas with small tiles, opt for light blue or white tiles for the walls. These are smaller than subway tiles and have a square face. For the floor, you can incorporate marble tiles, white in colour. You can also design a margin with the same blue shade in on the floor. You may also see Marble Kitchen Designs

Colorful Small Kitchen Tile

colorful small kitchen tile


Small White Kitchen Tile

small white kitchen tile


Kitchen Floor Tile Designs

If you have a spacious kitchen, you can choose large and conspicuous tiles for the floor. Marble tiles are best suited for the purpose. Dark coloured tiles like dark blue and grey also go well with the floors.

Large Kitchen Floor Tile Design

large kitchen floor tile design


Black and White Kitchen Floor Tile

black and white kitchen floor tile


Kitchen Wall Tile Designs

Wall tiles are greatly varied in kitchens. You may opt for large and beautiful ones, with floral patterns and other images. Some of the tiles for walls are small and have to be incorporated in dense clusters. You may also see Kitchen Wall Panel Designs

Contemporary Kitchen Wall Tile

contemporary kitchen wall tile

Design by Lucente Honey

Cool Kitchen Wall Tile Design

cool kitchen wall tile design


Kitchen Ceramic Tile Designs

Ceramic tiles boost up the elegance in the kitchen walls. These tiles are of different shapes and colours. There are intricate designs in some of the common varieties. You can incorporate designed patterns on the ceramic tiles to get better looks in the kitchen.

Kitchen Ceramic Wall Tile

kitchen ceramic wall tile


Kitchen Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles look the best when they are fitted in alternate dark and light shades. You can try our brown and grey combinations, black and white combinations, blue and black combinations and so on.

Kitchen Mosaic Wall Tile Design

kitchen mosaic wall tile design


Subway Tiles Kitchen

Subway tiles are small and brick-like in appearance. The smooth surface makes the kitchen walls beautiful. Try to arrange the subway tiles in a slanted pattern on the walls to break away from the traditional pattern.

White Subway Tile Kitchen

white subway tile kitchen


Kitchen Countertop Tiles

The countertop tiles need to be neat and tidy. The glossy finish of the countertop delivers a refined image to your home. You can use glass tiles for this purpose. It is compatible with any wall or floor colour.

Kitchen Marble Tile Countertop

kitchen marble tile countertop


Porcelain Kitchen Tile Designs

Porcelain tiles are used primarily in the walls and floors. You can try out different motif designs in the floor tiles to make them look artistic and beautiful. Make sure that they go well with the walls.

Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tile

porcelain kitchen floor tile


Evidently, you can use several variations of tiles in your kitchen to streamline its attire. As the preferences of people are subjected to diversity, individuals use their aptitude as the determining factor for the choice of tiles. You may incorporate glass tiles or ceiling tiles in your kitchen. If you have your own kitchen tile ideas in your mind, you may share them with us.

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