Whether on the bathroom floors or kitchen walls, ceramic tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners. They come in many designs which provide endless possibilities for customizing your home space. Ceramic tiles are durable such that when cutlery falls on it doesn’t scratch. These tile designs are also able to withstand frequent traffic; they don’t absorb odors and may have a finish that makes them slip resistant especially when you have kids or elderly family members. You may also see Subway Tile Designs

Bathroom Ceramic Tile Designs

Ceramic are ideal for making bathroom tiles as they add beauty to a space. They are also hygienic and will not conduct electricity hence you are assured you are safe as you use your instant electrical shower. They are also easy to clean and low maintenance. You may also see Bathroom Tile Designs

Traditional Ceramic Tile Bathroom

traditional ceramic tile bathroom


Entryway Ceramic Tile Ideas

Entryway ceramic tiles are perfect for withstanding the high traffic in this area. Since the entryway is the first place that guests will see before entering your home, choose a ceramic tile color that complements the theme or décor of the adjoining rooms. These tiles are also able to hold the entry way rugs.

Entryway Ceramic Floor Tile

entryway ceramic floor tile


Shower Ceramic Tile Designs

Glazed ceramic tiles are less prone to bacteria or mould growth and add an interesting visual appeal to any room. The grout between each tile will provide anti-slip properties. You may also see Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Shower Ceramic Subway Tile

shower ceramic subway tile


Ceramic Floor Tile Designs

Ceramic floor tiles stand up to frequent cleaning and high traffic, especially in the living room or kitchen. They are stylish and you can choose a color that will complement the furniture or other vanities. For an edgy style, go for ceramic tiles with a wood look.

Ceramic Bathroom Floor Tile

ceramic bathroom floor tile


Ceramic Wall Tile Ideas

When selecting ceramic tiles for your walls, opt for a design that is not boring and that which will easily match with any decorative item you add. Ceramics in a white color are elegant and will match with vintage or modern vanities. You may also see Porcelain Floor Tile Designs

Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tile

ceramic bathroom wall tile


Basement Ceramic Tile Ideas

Apart from choosing the best furniture and décor, you need tiles that will add a stunning finish touch. Ceramic tiles provide a refined look to any basements; they are low maintenance and come in various styles and colors to meet your lifestyle preference.

Basement Ceramic Floor Tile

basement ceramic floor tile


Kitchen Ceramic Tile Designs

Ceramic tiles are the perfect addition to the kitchen as they don’t absorb any odor or smell. They can also withstand heavy traffic and make it easier to clean spills from foods or pets. They match any style décor as they are available in different colors like white, beige and red. You may also see Kitchen Tile Designs

Kitchen Ceramic Floor Tile

kitchen ceramic floor tile


Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles come in many colors which further enhances their appeal as a decorative tool. Light colors such as white can make a room appear bigger while darker shades can highlight your adventurous side. These tiles also retain color hence advance your home’s value.

Decorative Ceramic Floor Tile

decorative ceramic floor tile


Ceramic Countertop Tile Ideas

While many homeowners use tiles on walls or floors, ceramic countertop tiles are an affordable option for adding beauty to a room. When glazed, these tiles will remain impervious to heat and water. They will also not stain or absorb water eliminating bacteria growth.

Ceramic Kitchen Countertop Tile

ceramic kitchen countertop tile


Outdoor Ceramic Tiles

No matter how frequent they are exposed to different weather conditions, ceramic tiles will retain color making them ideal for outdoor spaces. When broken they are easy to repair as you just remove the problematic tile without altering the whole floor. Those in a checker design may add a luxurious look.

Outdoor Patio Ceramic Tile

outdoor patio ceramic tile


Patterned Ceramic Tile Designs

Patterned ceramic tiles can enhance both the look and feel of a room. They make a room with simple furnishing look stunning. Those with geometric patterns are trendy, can make a room appear fresh and highlight the tone of that particular room.

Patterned Ceramic Tile for Bathroom

patterned ceramic tile for bathroom


Ceramic Tiles Designs for Living Room

Many homes opt to add ceramic tiles in their living rooms as they are neat, easy to clean and add beauty to a room. White or cream ceramic tiles will complement modern homes. These tiles will not absorb heat so add a carpet to keep the floor warm.

Ceramic Floor Tile for Living Room

ceramic floor tile for living room


Modern Ceramic Tile Designs

Modern ceramic tiles feature a glaze and finish that add interest to any room. Their clean lines and minimalist style make space look sophisticated. They are often in white colors which brighten up a room.

Modern Kitchen Ceramic Tile

modern kitchen ceramic tile


Rustic Ceramic Tile Designs

Ceramic tiles can be made to have a rustic look which will match a country or farmhouse style. These tiles reflect a rugged natural beauty. To make ceramic tiles the focal point, keep the rest of the space neutral.

Rustic Ceramic Floor Tile

rustic ceramic floor tile

Design by Lili Fleming-Nieri, ASID

Ceramic tiles are popular as they are beautiful and will decorate your space. They are also colorfast, flame resistant and easy to clean. If you are planning to renovate your home, then consider subway tiles especially in a single color as they will add a classic look to your bathroom or kitchen.

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