Have you been thinking about the best material for your home flooring? Porcelain can be a stylish choice. Apart from offering high versatility for any part of your house. While the material has been largely used to decorate the wall, you can also opt for porcelain floor tiles to make your space look more precious and functional. Porcelain is a highly durable material and apart from making your property sturdier, will also increase it value in the longer run. Here are some unique ways in which porcelain can be used as your flooring.

Grey Porcelain Floor Tiles

grey porcelain floor tiles


Porcelain has an intrinsic class to it. The material comes amazingly polished and adds an element of sophistication to the space. Further, it can rightly compliment your wall tiles and polished marble. As seen in this example, porcelain has been integrated into the flooring quite delicately to create an enchanting ambiance.

Black Porcelain Floor Tiles

black porcelain floor tiles


The best thing about porcelain is its availability in a variety of colors and textures. In this case, black porcelain tiles have been used to clearly define the floor space while matching it with the rest of the theme.

Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles

polished porcelain floor tiles


Another amazing way to use porcelain is to integrate these highly polished tiles in your flooring. Highly reflective and shiny, this is perfect if you are trying to create a modern ambiance. It is, however, necessary that you lit up the whole space evenly. In this example, the homeowner has used warm lighting to define a classy mood for the room.

Wood Porcelain Floor Idea

wood porcelain floor idea


Porcelain tiles can also integrate the effect created by wood plank flooring. As this example shows, the arrow-shaped tile arrangement starkly resembles that of a wood flooring pattern. If you are trying to create a classy ambiance, this would be the best way to go about it.

Slate Porcelain Floor Tiles

slate porcelain floor tiles


Here’s another unique way to define your floor space using porcelain tiles. The slate-like texture and arrangement using bigger sized tiles are perfect for bathroom and kitchen flooring. It will offer more sturdiness, durability, and safety for the residents. You can also see Italian Flooring Designs 

Stone Porcelain Floor Design

stone porcelain floor design


As already said, porcelain is available in a range of textures and colors. In this instance, the tiles have a stone like texture to it. However, compared to actual stone tiles, you get to do the flooring cheaper. Porcelain will also be a more convenient material to replace in case of damages and breakages to a single tile. You can also see Minecraft Floor Designs

Limestone Porcelain Floors


limestone porcelain floors

Design by Walker Warner Architects

Porcelain, as a building material also goes well with limestone finishes. In this example, the construction follows big porcelain tiles with limestone like finishes. The mood created by the tiles also matches with the overall light themed room décor.

Bathroom Porcelain Floor Tiles

bathroom porcelain floor tiles


Here, the homeowner has been able to create a uniquely vivid and bright bathroom ambience using porcelain tiles. The golden streaks marking the inlays also match to the similar finish in the wall panels. Overall, it creates a uniform design scheme.

Hallway Porcelain Floor Tiles

hallway porcelain floor tiles

Design by : Regency Interior Design,LLC

In this example, porcelain has been used to create a rather sophisticated, rich and royal décor theme. The floor tiling matches the rustic and warm décor of the rest of the hallway.

Basement Porcelain Floor Tiles

bathroom porcelain floor tiles 1


In this case, the architect has used a different variety of porcelain tile grains to create a vivid décor scheme in the basement area. There’s a rough look to the overall scheme that looks enchanting.

Entryway Porcelain Floor Tiles

entryway porcelain floor tiles

Design by ibi designs

Outdoor Living Porcelain Floor Tiles

outdoor living porcelain floor tiles


Gray Concrete Porcelain Floor Tiles

concrete look porcelain floor tiles


Bathroom Black Porcelain Floor Tiles

bathroom with black porcelain floor tiles


Modern Living Room Porcelain Floor Tiles

modern living room porcelain floor tiles


Polished White Porcelain Flooring Tile

polished white porcelain flooring tile


Spacious Dining Room with Porcelain Floor Tiles

kitchen and dining room with porcelain floor tiles


The above examples showed how porcelain can be used to create a range of finishes, from smooth reflective surfaces to rough ones. A highly interesting material, porcelain is being commonly used as a material for a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom flooring.

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