Italy is a country in Europe popularly famous for its Tuscan-style and old world architectural design.  In the world of interior designs, Italy has long been a pillar.  When it comes to flooring, there are lots of old trends that are still fashionable today.  The materials used by Italian in floor deign ranges from wood beams to a rustic brick.  For that reason, the trends have been overlapping each other with twist that differentiated them.

Italian Imported Flooring Design

italian imported flooring design

Italian Showroom Flooring Design

italian showroom flooring design

Italian Finish Flooring Design

italian finish flooring design

Italian Bathroom Flooring Design

italian bathroom flooring design

Italian Granite Flooring Design

italian granite flooring design

Italian Glossy Flooring Design

italian glossy flooring design

Italian Flooring Design

italian flooring design

Italian Marble Flooring Design

italian marble flooring design

The current Italian flooring design trends ranges from earthly colours, texture to wood beams and brick.  It has nature and foods as its central design theme.  You can reproduce this rustic design in your room with creative and colorful painting.

Italian Living Room Flooring Design

italian living room flooring design

Italian Dining Room Flooring Design

italian dining room flooring design

Italian Wood Flooring Design

italian flooring wood design

Italian Beautiful Bathroom Tile  Flooring Design

italian beautiful bathroom tile flooring design

Italian Interior Flooring Design

italian interior flooring design


Italian Style Flooring Design

italian style flooring design

Modern Italian Flooring Design

modern italian flooring design

Alchemy Materials

The textures come in various forms like the natural texture including wood, stone, walls and metal textures. Another well pronounced modern current design trends in Italian flooring design is the wood beams.  It comes with looks that can easily brighten up any room it is incorporated into.  The brick is the floor design popular in Italy that never goes out of fashion.

If you are looking for the Italian flooring designs that will not give you trouble to maintain what you need is porcelain brick.  The tile can be used virtually in all parts of homes such as Entry-way, Kitchen, living room and others.

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