A villa is an elegant residence. Aside from the residential structure known as the villa, the entire set up is usually included with a magnificent garden landscape. If you want to have the villa look or the magnificence of such structure into your home design, then you should check out some of the best small villa design samples. Since villas were originally built for the rich and the elite, it’s design architecture usually includes courtyards, vineyards, fountains and pools.

Small Italian Villa House

small italian villa house


This Italian villa is small in comparison to the more elite and more popular European villas. The rustic look of the facade adds to the beauty of the house design, while the front yard landscape provides the required elegant garden setting.

Small Wooden Villa Design

wooden small villa design


This modern villa is built with the great combination of textures provides by the smoothness of the wood and glass and the roughness of the stone bricks used for the walls and outdoor flooring. The interior has an open space design, which is an ideal option for a small-spaced living area.

Tuscany Small Villa Idea

tuscany small villa idea


Tuscany is a popular Italian region and it is filled with some of the most beautiful natural and man-made sights. The villas here are beautiful, such as this one. The extended patio of this villa is one of the fascinating features, as well as the huge bush garden landscape.

Small Villa Private Pool

small villa private pool


As mentioned, villas usually have pools. This villa has a small one and it is a perfect feature that brings out the best in the exterior design. This tiny courtyard is a dream come true especially if you are fond of French windows, bougainvilleas, canopies, and large antique limestone flooring.

Modern Small Villa Design

modern small villa design


This modern villa is not as large as the traditional Italian villas. Nonetheless, it is just as elegant. The square box type design of the structure is a good match to the modern interior and the simple backyard landscaping.

Spanish Small Villa Design

spanish small villa design


This is one picture perfect Spanish villa. It is a stucco-finished structure with paver walkways, traditional red roof, elegant chimneys, an eye-catching red wooden front door, medium sized lawns, matures trees and beautiful shrubs and perennials.

Small Villa Interior Design

small villa interior design


This small villa has an interior design that is surely going to make anyone wish to live here. The grand piano is a big attraction and it provides elegance into the simple setting. Furniture pieces are carefully chosen and perfectly arrange to result in a really comfortable and refreshing ambiance.

Small Villa Exterior Decor

small villa exterior decor


This simple small villa is a perfect example of combining functionality and elegance. The exterior design is very modern and the every space is effectively utilised. The light colored grasses in the front yard is a big aesthetic bonus.

Small Villa Front Elevation

small villa front elevation

Design by : Janof Architecture

The front elevation of this white twin-structure villa is something that provides uniqueness into the facade.

Small Villa Garden Design

small villa garden design

Design by : Remington Construction Services

The garden design for this small villa is just the perfect match for any villa. The use of boxwood hedge fits well with the lattice fencing, paver steps, bird bath central decor, and the elevated rose garden.

Small Villa Dining Room

small villa dining room


Open Small Villa Backyard

open view small villa garden


Small Villa Frontyard

small villa frontyard


Villa Landscape Design

villa landscape design


Exterior Front Home of Villa

exterior front home of villa

Design by : Lori Smyth Design

Vintage Villa House

vintage villa house


Villa Backyard Swimming Pool

backyard of villa with pool


Small Villa Kitchen

kitchen of small villa

Design by : Webber + Studio, Architects

Interior Tips

One of the most important thing to consider when designing an interior for a villa is that the furnishings must match the elegance of the structure facade. It is also essential that all pieces are arranged in a way that invites harmony and promotes comfort and relaxation.

There are several villa designs that would surely appeal to you. The ones included here are some of the best examples of small villa designs.

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