Modern interior designing is supposed to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, including guests and visitors. There are a lot of factors that makes this possible. Further, modern designs are supposed to make structures more durable, environment-friendly, lightweight, good looking and cheaper. Overall, a well designed modern interior increases the value of a home to a great extent. Depending on the place that you live in, modern architecture can take several forms. Here are some examples that you need to take a look at.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Designs

Farmhouses are supposed to be organic and warm. Consequently, the most inviting farmhouse will have a lot of natural elements around, ranging from wooden floorboards to potted plants and a chandelier for lighting.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Interior Design

modern farmhouse living room interior design

Design by Higham Building Group

Modern Country Farmhouse Interior

modern country farmhouse interior

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design

modern rustic farmhouse interior design

Design by Kitchen Associates

Modern Office Interior Designs

Office space needs to be designed for functionality, easy movement, accessible storage and easy access. Using glass structures and vibrant wall colors makes an office space look vivacious and dynamic.

Modern Home Office Interior Design

modern home office interior design

Design by Dan Brunn Architecture

Modern Law Office Interior Design

modern law office interior design

Modern Kitchen Interior Designs

Most of the modern kitchens have adapted modular architecture that serves for easy and clutter-free storage and neatly organized platforms that can be easily maintained. Another important aspect of modern kitchens is the use of modern appliances that take less space and add higher functionalities.

Modern Small Kitchen Interior Design

modern small kitchen interior design

Design by w.b. builders

Modern White Kitchen Interior Design

modern white kitchen interior design

Design by Jim Arnal, Realtor

Modern Apartment Kitchen Interior Design

modern apartment kitchen interior design

Modern Victorian Interior Designs

Victorian designs are representative of royal charm and an old world warmth. To achieve this end, you will need to use a lot of rich fabric, royal colors (blues and greens) and ambient lighting using chandeliers and fireplaces.

Modern Victorian Master Bedroom Interior

modern victorian master bedroom interior

Modern Apartment Interior Designs

Depending on the amount of space at your disposal, a modern day apartment needs to be spacious yet fun and cozy. Using modern day furnishing and the use of effective lighting, you can turn any place into a highly functional home.

Modern Luxury Apartment Interior Design

modern luxury apartment interior design

Design by The Ashleys

Modern Loft Apartment Interior Design

modern loft apartment interior design

Photo by Lucy Call

Modern Minimalist Apartment Interior Design

modern minimalist apartment interior design

Modern Industrial Interior Designs

Now, this is where you will need to focus on the functionality of space design rather than the looks. The use of effective lighting and safety equipment is mandatory to make it a favorable workplace for everyone.

Modern Industrial Kitchen Interior Design

modern industrial kitchen interior design

Modern Industrial Apartment Design

modern industrial apartment design

Design by Architology

Modern Rustic Interior Designs

Rustic interior décor is marked by natural materials and use of warm colors throughout. Rustic designs don’t necessarily need to be monotonous as you can use a lot of colors and materials to make it a fun-filled space.

Modern Rustic Home Interior Design

modern rustic home interior design

Design by Modern Rustic Homes

Modern Rustic Kitchen Interior

modern rustic kitchen interior

Modern Rustic Bathroom Interior Design

modern rustic bathroom interior design

Mid Century Modern Interior Designs

If you are planning to establish a mid century modern architecture and design in your home, the idea should be about keeping the looks highly contemporary. Go for an old-world look but keep the layout modern to serve higher functionalities.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Interior

mid century modern living room interior

Marilyn Deering Design

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Interior Design

mid century modern kitchen interior design

Design by Eleven Interiors

Modern Cottage Interior Designs

Cottages are supposed to be a place where people spend their vacation and want it to be private and fun. If you own a cottage, go for a simplistic look with just the real necessities provided. We are not talking about thatched roofs but not of gaming rooms too!

Modern Beach Cottage Interior Design

modern beach cottage interior design

Photo by Imageination

Modern Country Cottage Interior Design

modern country cottage interior design

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Modern Cottage Kitchen Interior

modern cottage kitchen interior

Design by Kitchen & Bath Cottage

Modern Country Interior Designs

For someone with a property in the countryside and planning a refurbishment, the idea of design should be about coming up with a look that matches the environment around and yet offers you a space that feels warm, inviting and cozy. It would really depend on your precise tastes and needs.

Modern French Country Interior Design

modern french country interior design

Design by Jauregui Architect

Modern Country Home Interior

modern country home interior

J Design Group

Modern Restaurant Interior Designs

Again, the idea here revolves around the theme you have planned for your restaurant. However, every modern restaurant needs to be well lit, comfortably laid out and have an ambience that feels warm and cozy. The ambiance should give your customers a sense of privacy in the crowd.

Modern Wood Restaurant Interior Design

modern wood restaurant interior design

Design by PHX Architecture

Modern Living Room Interior Designs

Modern day living rooms are about highly comfortable seating and easy access to things and spaces that would be most frequented. A plush seating arrangement with a few coffee tables lying around is a great way to start.

Modern Apartment Living Room Interior Design

modern apartment living room interior design

Modern Small Living Room Interior Design

modern small living room interior design

Photo by Stephani Buchman

Modern Luxury Living Room Interior

modern luxury living room interior

Design by Jeremy Lew & Associates

Modern Bedroom Interior Designs

Bedrooms need to be cozy, comfortable and highly private spaces. If you are planning to design a modern bedroom, take care of the furnishing you choose. Depending on the layout and the amount of available space you can use modular furnishing and ambient lighting to define the space.

Modern Master Bedroom Interior Design

modern master bedroom interior design

Design by Drewett Works Architecture

Modern Turquoise Bedroom Interior

modern turquoise bedroom interior

J Design Group

Modern Small Bedroom Interior Design

modern small bedroom interior design

Modern Beach House Interior Designs

Beach houses are supposed to be fun. Consequently, it would be a great idea to use bright and vibrant colors, plush and comfortable seating, a space for a bar, and a view that defines the place.

Modern Beach House Bathroom Interior

modern beach house bathroom interior

Modern Beach House Bedroom Interior

modern beach house bedroom interior

James Cross Inc

Modern Loft Interior Designs

Loft spaces have come on to be a great space for creating offices, extra storage rooms and even an extra guest bedroom. Tidy up the place, keep the installations to the minimal, use effective lighting and put just a couple of plush furniture (sofa/bed as needed).

Modern Small Loft Interior Design

modern small loft interior design

Design by Joan Heaton Architects

Modern Loft Living Room Interior

modern loft living room interior

Design by Lake Country Builders

Modern Gothic Interior Designs

Gothic home designs are reminiscent of the revolutionary architecture era that went side by side to the Victorian Age. Go for exclusive wall décor, chandelier fixes, and furnishing that is unique.

Modern Dark Gothic Interior

modern dark gothic interior

J Design Group

Modern Gothic Bedroom Interior Design

modern gothic bedroom interior design

Photo by Chris Snook

Modern Gothic Living Room interior

modern gothic living room interior

Modern Masculine Interior Designs

Home décor for bachelors are defined by the bold use of colors, minimal furnishing, plenty of free space to move around and enough space for storage. Use of monotone colors would also be a great way to go about it. You can also seek special arrangements like the video room or a bar space.

Modern Masculine Kitchen Interior Design

modern masculine kitchen interior design

Anne Sacco Interiors

Modern Masculine Bedroom Interior

modern masculine bedroom interior

Morrone Interiors

Ultra Modern Interior Designs

Ultra modern designs are all about the use of sleek appliances, and modular furnishing. The concept is about space saving and minimizing the amount of maintenance.

Ultra Modern Villa Interior Design

ultra modern villa interior design

Destination Living - Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

Ultra Modern Kitchen Interior Design

ultra modern kitchen interior design

Modern Classic Interior Designs

A well-balanced mix of classic and modern architectural décor elements can exude a unique charm for any space. Depending on the layout of your rooms and the amount of space available, go for décor that don’t take up floor space but at the same time, highlight the mood of it.

Modern Classic Bedroom Interior Design

modern classic bedroom interior design

Photo by Sue Murray

Modern Classic Living Room Interior Design

modern classic living room interior design

Linda Ruderman Interiors

Modern Zen Interior Designs

Zen Interior Designs are all about a balance of equilibrium, harmony, relaxation and meditation. The purity of décor lines and a space changing mood created by the use of natural colors and materials promotes an environment that takes you to a higher level of spirituality.

Modern Zen Dining Room Interior

modern zen dining room interior

Modern Zen Living Room Interior Design

modern zen living room interior design

Yoshida + Zanon Design Atrium

The idea about modern day home is to create a space that allows you to be yourself and offer a fun and safe space for your family members, friends and guests. If you are following a theme, the basic elements of designs remain the same – lighting, use of space and the functionality it serves. Each of the above designs creates a different mood but it is highly important that you work with a professional to decide the best blue print for your specific architecture. It is necessary that you do a lot of research before finalizing on a home design. After all, it’s a space that people are supposed to feel at home!

Decorating Tips

The idea of decorating a modern home depend so much on the people who come to live in it. It should be your tastes, your idea of living and personality that should be represented by the home you design.

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