Do you work or study alone in a city? Condos are perfect for students and working bachelors and designed to meet all your requirements and especially your budgets. Condos, by definition aren’t very spacious but if you are willing to invest a little bit of effort and money, they can be the most comfortable and cozy room at your disposal. With the right layout planning, you can even integrate a cool home office space in your condo. Here are some unique ideas that people across the globe have been working on.

Contemporary Condo Home Office Idea

contemporary condo home office idea

Condos are always small spaces. However, it can be brightened up and made fit for a home office by the right use of colors, only minimum amount of required furnishing and adequate lighting. In this case, the white theme goes perfectly with the minimal setting and you can both sit at a desk and stretch yourself in the low bed.

Small Home Office Design

small home office design

Another unique way to create the illusion of a bigger space in your condo is to use glass walls. If you happen to have the advantage of a side condo that faces the city, it would be a perfect setting for an office. Again, have just the bare essentials – a desk, a chair, a cabinet/stand and enough lighting.

White Scandinavian Style Home Office

white scandinavian style home office

Both home space and office can be excitingly fused into average sized condos with the right layout. For all the storage needs, be it books, files or your clothes, you could have overhead wall cabinets. A desk at the very edge of the farther edge will ensure that rest of space is free to lay out your bed or have a couple of guests/clients.

Black and White Home Office Idea

black and white home office idea

With bare minimum furniture, the available space in these condos is made highly functional. Simple black topped desks, couple of floating wall shelves and storage cabinets following the same theme would be enough to meet all your home office requirements.

Modern Home Office Interior Design

modern home office interior design

Design By : jamesthomas Interiors

Given that you have a slightly bigger space in the condo, you can also include a small sofa to make things a notch more comfy. Shelves and seating on the edge and you desk in the middle over a plush carpet makes the space look nice. With some gorgeous lighting and a couple of plant pots, you are looking at a modern setting to work and sleep!

Mediterranean Home Office Decorating Ideas

mediterranean home office decorating idea

Like this Milwaukee residence, if you too have a huge condo space and are passionate about art, the space can be perfectly reflective of your personality. From the carpets to the curtains, everything follows a theme that can’t be ignored.

Transitional Condo Home Office

transitional condo home office

Design By : Rockefeller Partners Architects

Simple yet eloquent, this home office condo design perfectly reflects the lifestyle of busy but organized bachelor. Everything’s in the right places and there’s a lot of breathing space.

Condo Home Office with Wooden Tables

condo home office with wooden tables

Featuring reclaimed wooden furniture, this small condo features leather seating, wood tables, wood shelves on the walls and drum tables. So many things organized in sync create a space that is exciting and productive.

Best Home Office Design Idea

best home office design idea

Simple, sleek and clean, everything from the sofa placement to the plant in the corner makes the room feel highly spacious while the truth is just the opposite!

Gray Condo Home Office Design Picture

gray condo home office design picture

If you are looking to turn your condo into a more royal arrangement, well, this would be the perfect example. The amount of furnishing remains the same and the trick is done by the textures and patterns!

Transitional Home office with Orange Chair

transitional home office with orange chair

Photo by CM Glover

Concrete Wall Desk Home office

concrete wall desk home office

Traditional Condo Home Office

traditional condo home office

Spacious Home Office with White Sofa

spacious home office with white sofa

Complete Home Improvement Group

Contemporary Home Office with L Shape Desk

contemporary home office with l shape desk

Unique Home Office Idea

unique home office idea

Simple Home Office with Sliding Doors

simple home office with sliding doors

Britto Charette

Cozy Home Office with Purple Chair

cozy home office with purple chair

Modiano Design

Designed Wall Cabinet for Home Office

designed wall cabinet for home office

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Green and White Home Office Design

green and white home office design

Lavish Home Office with Glass Wall

lavish home office with glass wall

Condos are exciting to live in and if you can put in the effort to match it to your personality, things cannot be better. If you are living in a condo that you think is exciting, we would like to take a peek. Do share your images and feedback.

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